Jennifer Livingston, Bullied News Anchor, Gets Support From Stars (Including Brother Ron)!

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Thousands of people cheered when they saw a news anchor going off on bullying during a live broadcast after receiving a harsh letter about her weight.

One of Jennifer Livingston's biggest supporters? Her actor brother Ron Livingston, of Swingers, Sex and the City and Office Space quotes fame! Who knew!

"I got an email from him," Jennifer said on The Talk Wednesday. "I think it said something like, 'Whoa! Saw you all over the place,' and, 'Way to go sis!'"

Ron isn't the only one in Hollywood lending support.

Jennifer and Ron Livingston

Jennifer Love Hewitt tweeted that "the anchor who fought back against comments made about her, is my new hero! Way to go! She's a beautiful woman!"

"What a powerful message against bullying," Ellen DeGeneres added.

"@news8jennifer, I would love to meet you in person."

Make it happen, people! Jennifer tweeted that she "would love" to do community related work to combat bullying, and appearing on Ellen can only help.


I don't agree with the guy in the fact that just because she is overweight doesn't mean she can't be a good role model. That being said, I didn't think the guy's email was attacking or bullying in nature. I personally don't feel that it was appropriate to use the station's air time for her own personal agenda and her to promote herself. I think she took the email WAY too personally and this was kind of a slap in the face to people out there who REALLY are bullied!


but the big question now.
......DID IT HELP HER? nope.


Sorry, I did not see where the person who sent her the email was bullying her. The person simply said, among other things, she was overweight and and did not present a good role model for young kids. Did he sent her this email everyday? Did he harass her at home? She chose to bring this email to the viewers attention and she admitted to being overweight. If she's satisfied with her weight then fine, but why make big deal out of this when one person said she was overweight? I don't understand her actions.


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First off, she chose to "out" this email which was sent as a personal email to her. This is in no way bullying. He didn't call her names or threaten her. In fact I thought he was a concerned viewer, albeit, not a frequent one. Why can't she use this as that wake up call? I lost respect for her when she lumped herself in with others who are victims of bullying due to their race--which is something they can't change. She was soliciting sympathy when she let this out and she got it now and she can feel like a protected few that she lumps herself with--those that are racially discriminated against. Fwiw, if you're on tv and have young viewers, you are a public figure and you ought to care about your image that is projected to all your viewers. I think the man that wrote the email was genuinely concerned for this young overweight woman and he sent her a personal email which she turned into a reason to rally around her right to be fat.

@ Leah

Wow... could not agree with you anymore... It's funny because the day this happened last week I saw the clip on YouTube and someone said something similar to what you said. Someone responded back to this person agreeing with it and said "watch, within the next week she'll be on shows for bullying and harassment" and blah blah. Haha, turns out they were right and also who's to say she didn't just write the e-mail to herself saying all this and KNOWING she'd say something one broadcast and sure enough caught the attention of some lame celebrities. Pathetic if you ask me, your obese and you know it, do something about it woman, stop crying and complaining like a 10 year old and go for a run. I'm finished.

@ peter

you are beautiful. You look Great!! Stop giving Bill Graul bad jokes on the air, he does not deseve it. He is very laid back, and I enjoy watching him. Please don't take it personally.

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