Jay-Z Makes Case For President Obama in New Campaign Video

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With the 2012 election exactly three weeks away, Jay-Z has released a new ad for President Barack Obama's campaign, entitled "The Power of Our Voice."

Interwoven with clips of Obama's own September 1 speech, Jay's two-minute video praises the White House occupant, crediting him for giving so many people "hope."

"The hope of people all across the country who would look and see themselves and know the possibilities," the rapper and music mogul tells the camera.

"For so long there was this voice that was silenced our there and I think it was silent because people had lost that hope."

The spot shows Obama at the Made in America festival, where he praised Jay-Z for making it without coming from privilege as a testament to the "promise of this country."

Obama and Mitt Romney square off tonight in the second of three presidential debates. Can he turn it around after Romney won the first debate so convincingly?

On October 3, Obama seemed to have the edge in 2012. Now, his prospects have dimmed considerably, with most polls showing the race tied or close to it.

We know who Jay's voting for. How about you?


What do you expect when our leader invites drug dealer, shooters to the white house. What message does that send to kids? The president quotes rappers? Maybe yours does but mine doesn’t good job Barry. Maybe Obama should ask where Layz got the gun to shoot his brother? Hmmmmm. No one is talking about that… Yet


The American public must take notice. A Black rapper endorsing a Black President who has 47 million people on food stamps. 4 died in Libya and he goes to Las Vegas the next day to campaign. For anyone to speak of 4 more years with Obama is much more than disillusion, it is full blown insanity. Keep following these Celebrites and you will be in a hole in which you can't get out. They are rich and they are invested because of only one reason- They are both Black.


Go away, you useless piece of shit. And take PIGonce with you.

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