Happy 20th Anniversary, Barack and Michelle Obama!

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Barack and Michelle Obama married October 3, 1992.

A lot's changed for them since then, you could say.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama Photo

Now-President Obama and then-Michelle Robinson had their first date in 1989, at the Art Institute of Chicago. They had lunch, and walked down the city's Michigan Avenue.

"It was a cool date; we spent the whole day together. He showed me all facets of his character," she recalled. "What truly made me fall in love with Barack Obama was his character."

They met when the president was a summer associate at Sidley Austin, the law firm where Michelle worked, and married in 1992, three years after their first date.

The pair got married at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Two decades, two beautiful daughters and a few big elections later, the rest is history.

Today, they mark their 20th wedding anniversary ... with Barack facing off against Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the first of three 2012 presidential debates.

"I was like really, really? The first presidential debate is on my 20th anniversary? All I said was, 'At least we'll be together,'" says the First Lady.

Check out some more sweet Barack and Michelle Obama photos below:

Kiss Cam Obamas
Obamas Photo
President and First Lady
Barack and Michelle Obama Dancing
Barack and Michelle Obama Picture
Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama
Barack and Michelle Pic
President and Mrs. Obama
Obama Family Portrait 2011
Obama Family
A New Day

The Chicago Down Low Club is proud.


Happy anniversary Barack and Michelle. God bless you and your two precious girls. May you have many more wonderful years to come.My husband and I have 4 children and we were married on October 3rd,1992 as well.


John and Teresa also married October 3rd 1992 celebrating 20 yrs. together with 4children .John is a child support attorney .We have made it a special journey together with many wonderful memories.


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