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Lady Gaga stepped out in Italy this week, showing off her supposedly fuller figure. If she’s gained 25 pounds, we shutter to think what she started out looking like.

Check out the Lady Gaga pictures below:

Gaga met up with fashion designer Donatella Versace in Milan. Surrounded by dozens of photographers and admirers, the 26-year-old rocked an iconic Versace dress.

Lady Gaga at SAGs

Channeling her inner Elizabeth Hurley, you might say.

The outing comes just weeks after the singer said she “gained like, 25 pounds” but “feel bad about” it. Still, the Lady Gaga weight gain admission sparked controversy.

Gaga then started a Body Revolution, posting photos of herself in her underwear as a means of self-acceptance, encouraging her Little Monsters to do the same.

Which of course they did. They love their Gaga.