Gunplay Threatens to Kill 50 Cent, Entourage

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Lost amidst the showdown between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy at Saturday night's BET Awards? A similar altercation between 50 Cent and some rapper named Gunplay.

And it sure sounds like it was serious!

Gunplay on TMZ

Gunplay tells TMZ that he wants to "kill" Fiddy and the whole G-Unit crew. For reals, yo!

"I never liked them and always wanted to kick his ass," Gunplay says of 50 Cent and how he fought "five dudes" at the event.

Gunplay claims 50 Cent was "hiding behind security" while his opponent tried to "break his f*ckin' neck."

Before he could do any real damage, though, the musician says police came in and broke up the confrontation.

But if they hadn't...

"If you're playin' with me, you're playin' with fire ... might get gunned down, ya never know."

Yes, Gunplay is tight with Ross, but says his issues at the awards ceremony were unrelated to Ross' feud with Jeezy.

"We just goin' at it with everybody," Gunplay says. "Let's go kill 'em all."

Really, this is all the fault of the rapper's parents. What did they expect when they named their son Gunplay?!?


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