Bristol Palin Played it Too Safe on Dancing With the Stars, Mark Ballas Says

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Last night's Dancing With the Stars results show marked the end of Bristol Palin's run on the program, and her partner Mark Ballas has a theory on why they got bounced:

Bristol Palin played it too safe and didn't think outside the box, he feels.

Bristol Palin Weight Loss
Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas DWTS

Ballas told reporters he was "dead serious" about dressing up as an animal pair for their routine previous night, which Palin nixed (see their performance below).

He doesn't regret her decision, he says, but believes taking a risk could've helped her.

"Hey, you can guide a horse to water, but you can't make it drink," Ballas says. "At the end of the day, they have to be comfortable when they walk on stage."

"The problem is, though, with doing that, this is the all-star season, so we have a lot of champions and a lot of finalists, so all of these people are really open-minded."

Using contestant Gilles Marini's open-chested Aladdin ensemble as an example, Ballas said, "It's called stepping out of the box, you know what I mean?"

"You've got to be more open-minded to that stuff, but at the same time, as a choreographer and coach, you have to be respectful of your partner's choices."

Ballas says their Week 4 elimination "just sucks," but what can you do.

Give props to your partner for coming this far, for one.

"This is someone [who], compared to the others, has zero dance experience or performance experience," he says of the 21-year-old Bristol Palin.

"For someone who comes from a normal background from Alaska, I'm really proud of her."

Mark says he's pulling for Sabrina Bryan and Shawn Johnson now that Palin's out.

What do you think? Did Bristol the Pistol deserve to get the heave-ho?


Heard the interview with kelly and Val. He wanted Bristol as his dancing partner--nothing was expected of her so no pressure to dance well. Easy out--all that media attention and fans of her mother voting for her regardless of how awful she was. So easy for whoever got assigned to that Diva. Bristol was there as a joke.


Even the bimbo from Alaska should be able to figure out that the dancing partner has more knowledge than her. Follow his advise and do what he suggests--you are not an expert on world affairs, politics or even dancing. When all the dancers talk about putting in 12 hours dancing practices every day, don't figure that you only have to practice three or four hours because your fan base will forgive you for being lazy. And there is more to dancing than wiggling your hips and having a grotesque chin. Jay Leno was born that way--you paid good money to be his clone.


Thank goodness she is finally gone. She should have been eliminated before anyone else. For someone so young she moved the least, barely being able to call it dancing. Good-bye and so glad to see you go!!!


I loved seeing that fat slob kicked off last I can watch my favorite show without aggravation by watching an ugly, talentless POS., unwed mother flop around the dance floor.


Who are YOU? Who do you think YOU are? She's not fat and seems to be a very nice girl after recovering from a bad decision. How well have you survived bad decisions in life? Apparently you haven't? Otherwise, you would be respectful and wouldn't write such a horrible statement. You are the one that is ...%#$&%# ....STUPID. God help you.


She should have been the first to go!! She was overdue.

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