Barack Obama "Confident" Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey Will Settle Beef

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Forget the economy. Or the war in Afghanistan. Or reconfiguing the tax code.

President Barack Obama appeared on Michal Yo's Miami-based radio show today and addressed the most pressing topic on most people's minds: the simmering American Idol feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.

Will these two divas find common ground?

Without choosing sides, Obama said he was "confident" all issues would be resolved. Listen to him tackle the tussle in the following interview snippet and then sound off below:



These Celebrites are as phony as the president they support. These 2 are nobody and they never have been. Then you have "Schitlette Johanassen along with Eva "I'm a bitter Bitch because my Husband was tapping everything all the while I thought my shit didn't stink" then there is Kerry Washington and her " Last chance at proving I'm black" routine. Does Hollywood think that anyone cares what these so called actresses think? Are they suppose to have some sort of clout? They are nobody unless your talking the 1% of America who Obama wants to tax more.


Ib agree with you mariah is a bad *ss.
but kil her or keep things private.


Exactly!!!!! He's got a lot of knowledge when it comes to Hollywood.

Maria gonzales

It's a good thing he's keeping up with important issues. Romey 2012

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