The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Dinasty of Denial

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On The Real Housewives of New Jersey the "Dinasty of Denial" only grows once everyone returns to Jersey.  We recap the cutest and scariest ways they all try to move forward in our THG +/- review.

It's back to Jersey and back to school for the Gorga and Guidice clans.  As Teresa has to yell and push to get everyone out of bed, Joe Gorga's making delicious looking pancakes for his brood. 

But despite the cute family scene the Gorga's still miss the bus for the first day of first grade.  Still, I've got to give them a Plus 8 for rolling with the punches.  Joe and Melissa both laughed it off, jumped in the car and drove off.  At least they got some fun family photos.

A Gorga Breakfast

Back at the Guidice home, Joe's comparing cousin Kathy to a frog and making fun of Caroline's hair.  Teresa gushes about how her husband is "really, really, smart."  Wow.  That's just scary.  Minus 10.

Over at Kathy's, the whole family is headed down to the University of Maryland so Victoria can check out the campus.  Plus 12 to Richie.  I think he's right. It would be good for Victoria not to be able to run home and have mommy do her laundry.

But apparently the fantasy of college didn't include small shared spaces and cinder block walls.  I guess no one here has seen the inside of a dorm room before. 

Caroline and her brood head off to mid-town Manhattan where they perform their own SiriusXM radio show.  Minus 20.  It's a complete disaster. 

Hardly anyone calls in and the entire family is floundering.  It's not only embarrassing, it's painful.

Over in Jersey, Teresa has her Fabellini launch party.  As she walks her own red carpet her husband yells out, "Let me get a Fabellini bottle before I Fab your ass, b*tch."  Joe Guidice.  The epitome of class.  Minus 15.

Teresa decided to keep the party exclusive and only invite her quality friends.  Jacqueline got slighted because, as Teresa says, she "hurted" her.  I have to give at least a plus 5 to another classic Teresaism. 

But Dina rates an invite and she looks pretty ditzy walking in on her too high heels and cracking her gum.  Minus 10

I'm not even sure Dina knows what Teresa is talking about when she mentions her insults to Caroline's family in the cookbook.  Dina just stares back at her looking kind of clueless.  Perhaps she'd sampled a little too much Fabellini.

Little Diva

Back home, Melissa is still trying to play peacemaker and takes her daughter and the Guidice kids for little girl mani/pedis.  I'm not sure if the whole thing is too cute for words or just disturbing.  It's like mini diva training and these kids really don't need the help.

But will Melissa's good will come back to bite her.  It looks like a blast from the past is coming and we'll have to tune in next week to see which Housewife gets knocked down.



Teresa and her husband are nuts she will give the tabloids anything just to keep $ rolling in. She knows what info she gives them and then denies to the family members what she says or it is all just a joke can't everyone take a joke. The only way the family is going to stop her is to play her game and give the tabloids info on her or ignore her completely and don't communicate that will surely send her to the shrink, and just a matter of time till her husband leaves her.


Kathy is partly to blame for the fight the last nite. And then she goes running into Theresa's room after she throws Theresa under the bus in front of trouble maker Caroline. Kathy tries to have people think she is this nice person - well little does she seem to know, but her mean girl side always shows thru. It seems like she is jealous when she acts like she does.
And then we have the Manzo family on the radio station ========PLEASE BORING IS THE ONLY WORD I CAN THINK OF. It had to be embarrasing for all of them as they sat there and no one called. But maybe Caroline's eyes will open up and see what she has caused. I can't blame her kids for sticking up for her - they are doing what any kid would do - stick up for their mother right or wrong.


No one called in to the Manzo's radio show because no one cares.


I agree with all of these coments I am tired of theresa and stoped watching it long ago the sex talk and actions I dont want to see that kind of talk on any show.


If caroline had of said theresa was 1/3 italian she wouldn't have thought it was funny so why does she understand. I know because she has shit between her ears. :) Theresa wants everyone to know she is always right and everybody else is wrong. I think as soon as everybody gets that the fighting will stop. I'm over theresa its time for her to go. I hope bravo is smart enough not to give her a show of her own. That voice drives me crazy lately. I'm done with her.


Teresa always thinks she is the queen,yes she is queen, queen of stupid. She is busy worrying about material things as oppose to her home life. What a slut to have sex in the vineyard where everybody knew what she was doing. What a tramp! What a pair! It does not take a rocket science to know Joe the dog(husband) is cheating on her, which no one blames him for, he is tired of her bs. Thats her bed she made it lets see how well she sleeps in it when it all comes to light!The other ladies need to just go their way and stay away from Teresa she is only trouble double. whats with Dina? her bulb is not too bright.When the stink hits the fan she will find out just which side her bread is buttered! Let the games begin.


I used to be a fan of Teresa’s but after the first season she has completely changed. I like Kathy, but even she has become annoying. I missed the latest episode of “Real Housewives of New Jersey,� because of my new work schedule at Dish. I like to check out the recaps, and watch the episodes on my Hopper when my shift ends. The reunion this season should be interesting, especially Joe’s comments about Teresa. I think this reunion will be stretched to about four or five episodes. I have 2,000 hours of recording space, so I’m not worried about missing any of the drama.


The proof in the Giudice parenting will be too evident when the girls become teens. Hope Teresa has a contract that will allow for many trips to the Therapist. Kathy should write a parenting book so Teresa will have a good research tool.


I did not watch the after show,shame on you Andy!! She is a nut job!!


I can't watch this show anymore either. Theresa and Joe are awful. Its hard to watch stupid and stupid!!

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