The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: A Bald Canary Sings

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey are blindsided when "A Bald Canary Sings," or are they? We'll recap who got set up and who set the trap in our THG +/- review.

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    I am so sick and tired of Teresa and Joe. The 2 of them deserve each other. Never have I ever seen two more ignorant people in my life! Teresa is as narrow-minded and stupid as they come. The way they're raising their girls is, is as neglectful as one can get. They act just like their parents. Just watching her lie about different things gets on my nerves. When I watched that episode where she's trying to get Joe have sex with her at an event that was meant for Caroline, I almost felt sorry for her. She looked pathetic begging him as he insults her. But that's what happens when your not strong enough to kick the B.S. to the curb. In my opinion, Teresa needs the spotlight on her no matter how it makes her look. Just as long as that camera stays focused on her and she's so toxic Melissa should never leave her children at any time with Teresa. This will never get fixed because Teresa's so full of hatred and jealousy when it comes to Melissa, that it's impossible to fix it. There's something wrong with her. It's like she's blind and so caught up in her own world (her dreams of having both Joes to herself) that she doesn't realize how she looks. First of all, she only understands her and Joe's version of what family is, when she repeatedly continued to take cheap jabs at Melissa at a time when everyone was supposed to be getting along. Never going to happen. And frankly I for one am just tired of her on this show. Her voice is annoying, and the ignorance she displays really shows that there's very little going on in her tiny brain. Please take her and that pack of wolf pups and Joe's cheat'in ass off this show before everybody stops watching it!


    if jackie and carolyn are fired i will not be watching the hsow. had enough of teresa .and that dumb hair she has been wearing. she is so fake and i can't wait for all to know .


    Caroline Manzo thinks she owns New Jersey. Get out of here. We are taking back Jersey.


    Caroline is an egotistical bully.


    Caroline wasn't the only housewife fired. Jacquelyn was too.


    Bravo should clean house on the RHONJ and get all new people. For now we are glad that just Caroline is gone.


    Just learned that Caroline Manzo was fired from the RHONJ. What took them so long?!


    The real housewives of NJ are more disturbing and disgusting than the Jersey Shore. Caroline and Teresa are the worst with their faul language and pig actions. Bravo did right by firing Caroline. Teresa should go too.


    The Manzo's are not Italians. They are American's. Italians from Italy are kind and gentle. They work out their differences admirably. They don't yell and scream curse words and threaten violence, nor do they go up in peoples faces. This is an appalling representation by the Manzo's and Teresa Giudice.


    Italian men do not really solve conflicts with violence. Perhaps the Manzo's, Giudice's, and Gorga's do that, but real Italians are a civilized people. We use our brains, not our fists.

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