The Duke: Giuliana Rancic Baby Pics Revealed!

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"The Duke" just turned three weeks old.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic's son, Edward Duke Rancic, came into the world in late August, and his proud parents couldn't be more in love with him.

"He's just the best baby in the world," she gushed to E! News, her employer, excitedly sharing a few precious photos. Take a look below ...

  • Giuliana Rancic Baby
  • Bill Rancic, Baby

"I'm sure all mothers say that. He's beyond adorable, though. I'm completely enamored," G adds. "At seven in the morning, we bring him into our bed, and we'll just be with him for three hours at a time. It's just great, because he kind of dozes off.

"We look at each other, and he's just precious. It's a nice bonding time. We put him under the covers with us and just kind of cuddle. It's amazing."

Indeed it is. These Jessica Simpson baby pics now have cute competition!

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It's funny how people say they don't care about Hollywood gossip or even look at pictures, and yet their in a website where it's all there is... people just love to hate on happiness. sounds like jealousy to me. BTW I happen to love this picture and there is absolutely nothing wrong with how he is holding his baby.


Thankfully neither my children or grandchildren were colicky, but I know of several that were and would carry their babies this way. This position applies pressure to the stomach, relieving the gas that can cause them so much pain. There is nothing wrong with it, people!


There is nothing and absolutely nothing wrong in holding the baby that way. I have seen doctors and many parents holding their baby that way, the position is perfectly safe and the baby always seem to be in complete peace. Guys and girls out there, stop writing things that you don't know about. I am a mother and I used to hold my children that way too.


How can people be so mean! That baby is the cutest! After all those two have been thru and you people have such mean things to say. As for the way Bill is carrying the child. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it! Congratulations to the Rancics. You deserve some happiness in your life. I enjoyed seeing the baby pictures. He's as cute as a button. Keep up the good work!


Altho the baby is adorable, i feel as if the way Bill Rancic is holding him i soooo wrong. What the hell is wrong with this guy. I think this picture is a DISGRACE>>>>UGH>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Sorry, but i beg to differ with a lot of people on this one. There is NO possible way that this is a healthy way to carry a baby. THAT'S TOTAL B.S. Rancic should be ashamed of himself. God, i am sooooo sick and tired of these celebrities showing off their babies. Who the hell CARES....Certain things should be PRIVATE. God, get a life Rancics. Your not the only people in the world to have a baby. This has gotten out of hand now, constantly in the news. WHO CARES??????????????????

@ whocares

You must be the one who was behind their not conceiving. How can talk like that. In any case its you to get a life.


Beautiful baby and daddy looks pretty good too with his shirt off!


That is a recommended way to carry your baby especially if they are fussy or colicky. Not sure why people think it's not an ok way to carry his baby. That is the way my doctor told me to carry my child when she was tiny. Plus, neck is supported.


There is nothing wrong with the way he is carrying him, it is actually recommended to hold them that way.. Just most people don't have confidence in their agility to do it, my sister is the best with babies she can clean the whole house carrying her babies like that, I never trusted myself to do it, but its not wrong!