Prince Charles: Not THAT Pissed at Prince Harry

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Prince Charles could've done without the Prince Harry naked photos, but he has not come down too hard on his youngest son, sources say.

In fact, insiders say Harry wanted to publicly apologize for his Las Vegas hijinks but his father talked him out of it in a recent heart-to-heart.

“Of all the royal family, Charles was the most accepting of Harry’s behavior,” a source revealed. "He accepts that boys will be boys at times."

Prince Harry and Prince Charles

“In his younger years he was just as much a playboy as Prince Harry is now, so he’s more understanding when it comes to this sort of thing."

“While he told Harry to be a little more responsible with his decisions, he didn’t chastise him because he didn’t think he did anything wrong."

Charles, the son of Queen Elizabeth II, also believes that the sooner 27-year-old Harry re-joins his military unit in Afghanistan, the better.

“Charles said to Harry that he should go to Afghanistan as soon as he makes an appearance at the London Paralympics and join his rank."

"The quicker he goes out there, the sooner this will all blow over."

However, with the revelation of a Prince Harry nude video taken that night in the VIP suite at the Wynn Hotel, who knows if it will abate.

There are also rumors of hookers and cocaine, although Harry make-out partner Carrie Reichart tells of a mostly harmless, sexy time.



I agree that Harry should be allowed to cut loose, but he isn't 19 anymore, he's 27. He is an adult and a military officer. As far as William having poor social skills, how would you know? He has to be much more circumspect in his behavior because he will inherit the throne.


It's about time that Prince Charles allowed his sons to have
normal, crazy periods as lot of young people who turn out to be
responsible adults. For the first time since Diana passed, do I think Charles measured
up as a father. Prince William doesn't have the social skills to party and date; so
he decided to just get married and get that scene off his plate


Vanessa I agree that peoples interest in celebrities lives can go way overboard. However if celebritries truly valued their privacy maybe constantly tweeting pictures of their breasts, asses, haircuts, etc isn't the best idea. I understand that harry didn't tweet the pics, I am talking about celebs in general. I sympathize with anyone who has their private lives exposed without their consent.


His a dad what more do you expect.....


he's human,prince is just a title.I know why people making such a big deal.he's own person that so let him be.I do not know why people don't let celebrities be.


And remember "squidgygate"? The leaked calls between Diana and her lover? "Free Britney" you show google it and add that to this site. It was shocking. And awesome!


Oh course Charles isn't very upset by his son's actions. It doesn't hold a candle to the leaked phone call between Charles and Camilla years ago where he wanted to be reincarnated as her underwear, or her tampax. After that what's a few nude pics? Google the transcripts of the phone call. It's painfully embarrassing to read.


Said it.


I would like to see the tabloids get off his royal high-ASS. He's a nice young man who is single, has been in the war, contributes his time & $$ to charities, & I think he deserves a break. At this rate, the poor guy probably may not return for quite a while & who'd blame him? I think if there were "real dirt" it would've been revealed by now, & I for one hope there isn't. Not because it would bother me, it wouldn't. Just hate to see the guy go through this bullshit.


I don't understand what all the big hoop-la is over Harry & his trip to Vegas. He's over 21, he should be allowed the same right of privacy that anyone else is that goes to Las Vegas to let their hair down. He has been to war he needed to unwind. No one was hurt,killed.raped etc. It doesn't look very good for Vegas or Mr. Wynn that a patron of his extremely over-priced hotel would have what should have been on the Q-T.was all over the news.
This at a time when Las Vegas like everywhere else needs all of the revenue & good will it can get. A member of a royal family of one of our best allies. Should be treated in such a manner. No harm, no foul. Definately, none of anyones business. Seems instead of reporting the news, the tabloids would rather start up trouble. Now, anyone who has enough disposable cash & wants to party safely will consider perhaps Abu Dabi or somewher else that would know to keep things like this quite. Wonderful. we need peoples goodwill & the revnue they bring.

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