Miley Cyrus Makes Like Pink at MTV Video Music Awards

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It started with Miley Cyrus new hair photos. Just dyed blonde, not a huge deal.

It then got a lot more punk, as the singer chopped off her locks and faced mounting criticism on the Internet.

Now, thanks to her appearance at tonight's MTV Video Music Awards, the Miley Cyrus transformation is complete and we know the exact look this artist was aiming for: Pink's!

Looking eerily like the "So What" crooner, Miley posed for fans and photographers with a mohawk and a plunging neckline. See for yourself:

  • Miley Cyrus at the 2012 VMAs
  • Miley Cyrus Video Music Awards Fashion

What do you think of this look on Miley Cyrus?


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Much ado about nothing! Miley is a beautiful girl no matter HOW she chooses to wear her hair. I think this look is fresh, young and cute! And as for her ears...many famous people have ears that stick out. (Clark Gable, Prince Charles, Kate Hudson, Ron Howard, just to name a few. There are many others. Just adds to their character!) ~0;-)


I love this look soooooooo much and i'll beat the hell of the freakin fans who don't like this look and i'll kick your big fat arse soooooo hard:@


I love this look soooooooo much and i'll beat the hell of the freakin fans who don't like this look:@


@Tiffany......ur dumb round faced peoples best look is short.....tapered sides more length on top. I'm a cosmetologist....I know what I'm talking about. What seems to make it look off is that Mileys ears stick out a feature most would want to hide but she's obviously very confident with herself and that's fuvking amazing!!!! Love this bitch Miley is a doll!!! For everyone trashin just get over it! It is her head her hair do u pay her bills or live with her where u have to see her everyday......nope so get over it if u don't like it avert ur eyes and don't read articles about her. Love u miley I hope u tour in america this time around!!!! Ur american fans are still supporting u!!!


Man, what the hell is the big deal about? It's hair. Everyone acts like she has just done porn. It'll grow guys don't worry! And in the end it's none of your fucking business. Maybe we should know what she does to her pubic hair too incase god FORBID it doesn't suit her.


I really DONT UNDERSTAND how you think that looks better? You had long beautiful SEXY hair I would have KILLED for, and you chop it all off? Your not a punk, you may try but your not. This is not you, I know it, you know it, the entire world knows... This is grose Mylie your face isnt even the right shape for it!! Pink has a longer face, you have a round face, looks so bad girl common please !!! See the ugliness!


Wow, no it looks GROSE! Are you trying to be PINK? Common!! You WERE UNIQUE, Now, I dont know. ONe thing I know forsure hunni is that hair aint for you, I love mylie, but I mean COMMON THAT LOOKS SO GROSE, Miley Cyrus is a beautiful, gorgeous girl that Id do in a heart beat, aha but NOT WITH THAT HAIR! Omg straight up girl you couldnt pay me to screw you with thatt hair, you look GROSE


@lauren: Miley has never said she donated her hair, period. That was speculation on the part of her defensive fans trying to make her bad haircut altruistic. To be fair, while I'm certainly not a fan of hers, I've got nothing against Miley. I just think she looked much prettier with longer hair, and it seems like she's trying WAY too hard to convince everyone - most of all herself - that she loves her short hair & that it looks great.


She's beautiful regardless, but this is not my favorite look. The bleached blonde hair really washes her out. My favorite look of hers is the bob length hair light brown with some blonde highlights. I really hope she changes her hair before her wedding.


i think BEAUTY lies in the EYES OF THE BEHOLDER.this gal wants 2 liv her lyf 2 the fullest so she doesnt hav any regrets when she's lyk 50 or something.and miley has a very beautiful face so though i hate the haircut but honestly speaking she looks ok 2 me.BTW is liam ok with this?