Lindsay Lohan on Amanda Bynes: Why Isn't SHE in Jail?!

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Oft-jailed and always-troubled star Lindsay Lohan wants to know why Amanda Bynes hasn't been placed behind bars for her various driving infractions.

Seriously. Lohan Tweeted this weekend in reference to Bynes: "Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?"

A fair question ... except coming from a train wreck, compulsive liar and career klepto who's committed probation violations too numerous to count.

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Lindsay Lohan either feels she was scapegoated and she should never had gone to jail, or thinks that she got a fair sentence but Bynes should receive the same.

Somehow we're guessing it's the former.

It's worth noting that Lindsay went to jail only because she violated probation (A LOT) stemming from a DUI conviction. Amanda has been convicted of nothing.

Bynes was arrested for DUI in April and had her license suspended after two hit-and-run incidents, but all cases are pending; her car was impounded Sunday.

Lohan went on to add: "These are the moments that I appreciate my life experiences, living without regrets and Disney for supporting me as an actress-night all*"

So, there you have it. Who's the bigger mess?


I can't Beelieve it!!!!!! How is all of this happening?????!!??


These girls are cuts off the same cloth, like mirror images of one another. Not surprised LiLo doesn't see that. The seriously troubled rarely do.

Wv peach

Both of these girls are troubled. I wonder if her parents are as nutty as Lindsey's....


O, Lindsay has no room to point fingers bc she has been getting it easy as well! Instead of worrying y bynes ain't get this punishment how about getting your shit together. Try to reach out to her and tell her to not to go down the same path as you. You manage to ruin your career and she still has a chance to salvage hers! For all the times you
Have been in jail you still haven't learned your lesson. Tragic
That your life took a turn for the worse and your parents seem as if they sit back and wait til you end up dead!


the difference is I feel sorry for Amanda Bynes somewhat. I hope she has someone who cares about her enough to find out what's going on. I quit feeling sorry for Lindsay like, three years ago. she has been given enough chances to straighten up.


She tweeted for two reasons: (1) deflect criticisms from mommy's interview which aired this morning; and (2) she wasn't getting enough attention. Let's face it, attention, whether bad or good, is still attention, and this little girl, as we all know, craves attention!


seriously she is whinning about that let's see she stole a necklace got into a bunch of DUI arrest a car accident an she wants to whine about someone else . maybe if she would stop worrying about other people an straighten HER life out maybe just maybe she can make something of a better rep for herself instead of this whiney party girl image she has. maybe just maybe she should look after herself an get rid of the trash she has in HER life. just saying


lindsay lohan looks like quite the gorilla with those eyebrows


Lindsay does have a point. Just wait give the Amanda enough rope and she hang herself ,at least she has good parents ,as we all know Lindsay was on her own.


Wow! Does this winner have balls!

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