Lindsay Lohan: Prime Suspect in New Burglary Case!

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Lindsay Lohan is back in surprisingly familiar territory as the prime suspect in a criminal investigation ... oh how we only wish we were kidding.

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    here we go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    What happened to this chic? She like went completely down hill over the years!


    sobeautiful pic


    oh please...


    ...Lindsay, You Fantastic actress,,,...:):):)Happy day You,Lady...:):)


    OMG she never quits....this woman she will end up into an institution the rest of her life.
    Hey Dina a better mom ....wake up your daughter needs to get out from ''SICK HOLLYWOOD''...the land of the losers and the fake magic .....


    Lindsay has never had any guidance in life and, if accused (which she doesn't yet appear to be) this will be yet another story in the long list of personal disasters. It is obvious noone has cared enough about this girl's happiness and well being during her formative years and the result of this has been a young woman who keeps making the same big mistakes. I feel sorry for her as it's obvious how unhappy she is.


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    She's a kleptomanic. Won't learn until she does serious hard time. That where she's going. Bad upbringing. Loser!

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