Lindsay Lohan: Also Investigated For Lying to Cops After Car Crash!

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Lindsay Lohan is a wanted woman ... in TWO criminal investigations.

In addition to being a jewelry theft suspect following a house party heist a week ago Sunday, police want to talk with LiLo to determine if she committed a crime by lying to officials in the aftermath of her June car accident.

You can't make this stuff up.

Perky Lindsay Lohan

Santa Monica police detectives have been trying to get in touch with Lindsay to ask her about ramming an 18-wheeler on the Pacific Coast Highway. 

The hardest working woman in Hollywood, LiLo's lawyer Shawn Holley, told police they should not call the star directly because she has an attorney.

Always a positive sign when you refer questions about your actions to your legal representative on a routine basis. That's Lindsay Lohan for you.

Police believe the 26-year-old actress likely lied about not being the driver, but a mere passenger in the wreck, and may refer the case to prosecutors.

Lohan is also a chief LAPD suspect in a theft of watches and sunglasses worth as much as $100,000 from the Hollywood Hills home of Sam Magid.

Holley reportedly shut detectives down, saying there was no way would she cooperate in that case after Magid apparently recanted his allegation.

Stay tuned on multiple fronts.



eeewwwww her skin looks nasty... besides that, this chick is obviously troubled.. don't know why she don't clean up her act.


oh my - dear spend your money making yourself look like who you really are.. you have did nothing but make yourself look awful for years .. freakin get rid of your yes entourage and get friends who tell you the truth.. your making yourself look awful...,you were so sweet looking not even going to go into this issue no point..


C'on guys Lindsay L is goin thro a hard time, and it has been like that all her life, i think she needs our support, we should stop callin her names... No matter wat happen she is still my Lindsay Lohan and she is still d best... Love u (L. L)


Enough of this sad, little brat. She doesn't seem to get it. If we watch your movies or shows on TV it is a priveledge to have people care about you enough to pay to see anything you appear in. However, if & when your actions become criminal then it is time for us to stop wasting our hard earned money on a little piece of trash who doesn't care or know when to grow up & act like a descent self-respecting grown up. Then it is tick-tock your time in the limelight is up. Go to jail become Bonnie Parker or whatever. If you should happen to OD or become a vitim of a car crash. You will have no one to blame but your self. I am sick& tired of this piece of trash, her antics & her trashy family.


I have been lied to by many officers of the court....including the FBI, so always have an attorney present. I did not///////so sorry now.......................


I have been lied to by many officers of the court....including the FBI, so always have an attorney present. I did not///////so sorry now.......................


Actress Lindsay Lohan suspects in Jewelry Theft and Car Accident, Law Enforcement Statement Here


How many more times are we going to have to hear about her "scrapes" with the law before it's finally enough? The whole industry needs to shun her from working. She shouldn't even be insurable. Shame on those recent job signings giving her work because they are so desperate for ratings and box office draw. I fear these recent troubles will fall by the wasteside too. We're doomed to watch this 26 year old addict bleed more attention and controversy out into this world while she continues to age badly and fail at the career that made her a household name. Bravo Dina and Michael. BRAVO.

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We're just saying finds herself in situations where she must refer questions to her attorney approximately as often as she breathes.


So what if she refered questions to her attorney? You're strongly advised to do that when you're being question by law enforcement over anything, whether your innocent or not, so I don't see how that makes her suspicious.

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