Kate Middleton Topless Scandal Ruling: French Court Demands Closer Destroy Pics

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A French court has ruled in favor of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge regarding the Kate Middleton topless pics in Closer magazine, prohibiting all publication.

However, the ruling does not apply to other magazines - Italy's Chi and Ireland's Daily Star have also ran with the topless and nude photos - outside of France.

There's also the widespread dissemination of the photos via the Internet.

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Nevertheless, the court called the invasion of Kate and Prince William's privacy a "brutal display" and ordered Closer to immediately turn over all copies of the pics.

That includes digital copies. Failure to do so means a $13,100 fine. Per day.

The palace has also filed a criminal complaint against those responsible for the Kate Middleton pictures ... whoever that might be. The photographer is still unknown.

Whoever it was took the photos of Kate Middleton topless from a LONG distance away.

As she sunbathed on the balcony of a French chateau with Prince William, Kate clearly had NO idea anyone was watching during their holiday at a private residence.


Rosemarie Aldrich
It's extremely bad taste for them to invade in her and williams privacy.

Ms billie

I hope they find out who took the photos and send them to prison. Anyone that has or does publish them should also get strong fines, if that doesn't stop them then comes jail time.


People's privacy should remain so.... private... the photographer should get some jail time ....


Leave them alone! Stupid media. Who cares, ladies go topless in Europe all the time and media is exploiting them! They do normal things and toplessness is normal in Europe! I hope they win this lawsuit and they get stronger because of this.


At last, a small victory for common sense and more importantly, common decency. The poor girl has every right to enjoy the same privacy as WE all do, particularly when not in a public arena. I definitely have no interest in viewing these photographs. Again congratulations to the French Courts. Also confirms just what a common, sleaze Silvio Berlusconi is for publishing them. Isn't he wealthy enough? Why print them - gutter journalism! Wonder how such an amoral man become Prime Minister!?

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