Kat Von D and Deadmau5: Dating!!

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Deadmau5. Kat Von D. We can definitely see it.

The apparent couple was spotted for the first time on a date yesterday in L.A., holding hands for the cameras. Later, he gushed over her on social media.

Ah, 21st Century, heavily tattooed love.

Kat Von D and Deadmau5

"Yeah, im [in] love," tweeted the popular and outspoken DJ. "inb4 I find a f**k to give over the Internet implodes over it ;) at least I'm happy! Lol"

He posted another tweet after hanging with Kat, writing "aw man... i just had a f**kin awesome day and it's not even over yet. :D feelsgoodman."

Good to hear man. Good to hear. Feelin' good is key.

Kat Von D, who was engaged to Jesse James (twice) before accusing him of cheating on her prolifically, still has a tattoo of his face on her body.

She hasn't commented on her new man/mau5 yet.

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As much as I love Kat...is she f*cking serious?! Thry haven't been together for that long and thry're engaged already lol go on and get even more tattoos related to mau5 already, and then you'll end up regretting it and crying your heart out


This is so awesome, Deadmau5 is one of my favorite DJ
He's a badass and clearly deserves hot ass kat von d
I bet he goes to town on her lmao super lucky mate.
Keep making good music bro and kat...... keep making tats and being sexy


They look like Meth-lovers ,intervention !!. Gross they both need a bath and a rehab clinic . Birds of a feather flock together


What an odd, ugly couple.


To me, that dude looks skinnier than Kat...LOL!!!!!


Tattoos on women are not gross. But a woman that has nearly her entire body covered by tattoos is gross. Really gross.


Theres nothing wrong with tattoos on women nothing wrong at all! She has made a success of herself so leave her alone your patheticness is "gross"


gross... both of them...


Tattoos on women are sooooo gross.

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