Jason Brock in "New York State of Mind" on The X Factor

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Jason Brock talked a very good game on The X Factor last night, nervously chatting up the judges for a long time before actually singing a note.

The self-described "nerd herder" was easy to mock as a result... until he got going on "New York State of Mind" and proved he croons and even better game than he talks.

Showing unexpected strength and range, Brock was likely the most impressive contestant on a lackluster premiere follow-up. Take a look and a listen to his audition now:

Where do you rank Brock when compared to talented acts from Wednesday night, such as Jillian Jensen?

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I find it appalling that you would base your opinion of someone's singing ability based on their sexual orientation. It goes to show the world how closed minded people can be. And this is coming from someone in a heterosexual relationship


How can you not like this guy. He is gay and proud of it. If you don't like gay people that's your prerogative, but at least acknowledge a great singing voice. His personality and effervescence has a 'feel good' quality that makes me smile and is entertaining. I am married with kids and do not proscribe to homosexuality but I am open enough not to condemn others that choose that kind of lifestyle. The dude can sing and I only hope people can get past his gayness and enjoy and appreciate his talent.


He makes me sick. He won't have my vote either. Put me on the side of the normal people. Can't stand Liberace or Elton John either. Wouldn't pee on them if they were on fire.


Tina, I'm very sorry that you feel that you can't vote for a guy with an amazing voice just because of his "gayness". But, I'm sure that with or without your vote, Jason will go far. After all, he is following in the footsteps of performers like Liberace and Elton John who found tremendous success despite their "gayness". Jason will find that same success too. I'm just sorry that you can't see it.


To Tina 'normal people' = homophobes. The guy was being himself; that threatens the repressed masses.


He acts like a fruitcake. I'm with Tina. No votes from me.


@beachbaby &others "normal" is your average joe that doesn't go around acting like a freak. This guy came out and acted like an idiot. Simon was ready to kick him out. Re-watch It again and you will see what I'm talkin about. He is not normal. He needs to tone down the gayness. Ask Adam lambert how that all worked out for him? HE LOST! I won't vote for him if he continues to act like that. I don't care what his orientation is in his private life, but don't try to shove it at me.


Phenomenal!!! To Tina...what defines "normal" ? It's a cycle on the washing machine. GOD CREATED US ALL AS INDIVIDUALS, each with our own gifts and talents. I don't judge people by the color of their skin, their body types, their financial status, etc. You can't belittle THAT TALENT! GIve credit where credit is due. Jason has a GIFT!!!


Tina...that "gayness" is no charade. And wow...can he sing or what!


This is a new era, dear! You can't tone down his gayness. That adds more appeal to him. Didn't you see how he wowed the crowd? He is absolutely awesome!!!