Heidi Klum Topless Photos to Lead to Lawsuit?

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Search the Internet and you won't have a difficult time coming across Heidi Klum nude pictures. This is one super model incredibly comfortable with her (ridiculously hot!) body.

But Klum is anything but comfortable with photographers infringing on her privacy, which is what went down during a recent vacation in France with her boyfriend/bodyguard, Martin Kristen.

Heidi Klum in Beverly Hills

Images of Klum topless have popped up on various websites, all snapped without the former Project Runway host's permission.

It's unclear which French tabloid took the originals, but Klum's reps are in the process of tracking them down because Heidi was on a secluded, private beach and may want to sue over the invasion.

Sources tell TMZ that Klum is likely to wait until the Kate Middleton topless picture scandal is sorted out to determine whether or not she has a legal case to make.

In the meantime... Heidi Klum half-naked pictures are out there, fellas! Go get 'em!


Who cares?


she just hope people see her as some kate middleton?


I don't care how you see her! She has been painted Black! She is done! It's over! Nobody wants her skanky ass anymore!


Klum, please do not compare yourself to Kate. You are very far away from her. You are a professional prostitute, sleeping with whoever you want. Shame on you. I am expecting you to have five more kids with your bodyguard. Then, another bodyguard will take over, and so on. You will end up to have a large community in your family. For your birthday, thousand of man will ligne up to say KLUM happy birthday our slut, our prostitute


Stupid Klum. She said that she has no problem being shoot naked. Klum should be proud of her topless photos being published everywhere. It is a good promotion for her as professional SLUT. Seal was right when he said his ex-wife was fornicating with the family bodyguard before they separated. Klum should compare herself to Kate. Kate is not a SLUT like her. Shame on Klum. Low standard life. Sleeping with family's bodyguard.


I mean, u guys said it yourself that she has no problems being shoot naked... So why now?! Gush! I so sick and tired of people pretending and using privacy as an excuse.


She is branded- so pack it n no 1 wants you anymore


I'd be pissed to crap she's gotten old, she should hook up with K.K. plastic man, a little touch up would'nt hurt.

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