Happy Birthday, Niall Horan!

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Sadly, Niall Horan is not dating Demi Lovato.

But this blonde-haired member of One Direction still has plenty to celebrate: his band is on fire, he's totally good friends with Justin Bieber and... oh ... right: he's now 19 years old! It's Horan's birthday!

Niall Horan on Stage

The crooner was already nice and legal, ladies, but now he's really nice and legal! Watch him do his adorable thing on stage in our collection of One Direction videos and send in your birthday wishes to Niall right now!

Among other familiar names turning one year older on September 13:

Ben Savage is 32, Fiona Apple is 35, Tavis Smiley is 48 and Milton Hershey would have been 155 years old today if the candy maker had lived that long.

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happy birthday niall!


Happy birthday, child(Niall). My brother of me^^


i love you niall


to the 19 year old, your music is alsome, your voice,and your clothes.
happy birthday niall horan ilove you and the rest


I luv ya nialler!!!!!!!


feliz cumpleaños Niall Horan Te Quiero mucho saludos y bezos


heyhey Niall


Happy b-day Niall! Hope u have a kick ass day!May god bless u and keep u and may his face shine apon u!I hope u have another successful year and live life to the fullest!


happy birthday to you niall!!! hope you had a really awesome day!


Happy birthday Niall! have a great day

Niall Horan Biography

Niall Horan on Stage Niall Horan is a very good looking young man and singer. He's a key member of One Direction and perhaps the next Justin Bieber. More »
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Niall Horan
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