Dina Lohan on Dr. Phil Promo: Somebody Cut This Train Wreck Off!

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Dina Lohan: "Look at you, you're in your little tie and your little shoes...." Dr. Phil: "I'm in my little tie and my little shoes … what the hell does that mean?"

The train wreck mother of Lindsay Lohan stops by Dr. Phil next week, and from the looks of the promo below, it goes about as well as you imagine it does.

She's basically a living, breathing advertisement for Alcoholics Anonymous.

When Dr. Phil is taking you to task for exploiting people, you know you've got issues. Did we mention Michael Lohan is also appearing via satellite?

Set your DVRs for this one people. Then do some soul-searching and reflect on your life and why the hell you would devote an hour of it to these people.

We're not judging, we're totally gonna be doing the same after we finish adding more Lindsay Lohan pictures to our gallery. We love that hot mess.

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Dumb and dummer....Lindsay and Dina....worse and worst


the united states needs to start a war somewhere?

Wv peach

She is either drunk or high (maybe both). Shameful....


She & her ex-husband are both a couple of assholes & fame whores. They are an embarrassment & should both just go away. Are there any worse parents on the planet? And Michael & his whack job girlfriend have a baby on the way! How sad-another life they can screw up.


It is sad. Lindsey never stood a chance with parents like she has then being young with money. Hopefully she will get herself together.

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