America's Got Talent: Who Won?

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Nick Cannon was right. That sure was an "insane" finale of America's Got Talent.

The summer competition crowned its Season 7 winner last night, but not before a two-hour finale crammed in clips of some awful talent; a visit from Joan Rivers; a goodbye to Sharon Osbourne; and performances by Justin Bieber and Green Day.

And after all that pageantry, the six contestants were whittled down to Tom Cotter and Olate Dogs, with the winner announced as...

America's Got Talent Winner


Confetti poured down, all the acts came on stage, hugs were exchanged and another season went in the books.

Did you agree with America's choice?


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I love dogs, so why shouldn't they win something? Glad it was not a singer, they always seem to win.


i dont care about those people i wanted the 787 crew to win because while sure they screwed up a bit hey most of these people who were there sucked or it was a one person act when you get 7 people cooperating and functioning as a whole that takes skills and dogs being trained for this thats almost as bad as the pig seriously they need there heads examined


AGT sure went to the dogs, alright. Good riddance.

@ Don

fuck tom cotter, hes a right wing asshole that should be punched in the face and balls repeatedly for the ignorant shit he says on Fox News channel... fucking bigot


Who is Tom Cotter anyway? I did not see the last show so i got on this website to see who won. I love animals and anybody that does not think those dogs deserved to win needs their heads examined because those dogs were fantastic and i hope they all get steak every night and live long and happy and healthy lives. They are very very talented.

@ autumn

ipotse o bo ikaraba a go jola le mongwe hela.haha!!


I'll never watch AGT again! Dogs? Really??? Not even American dag trainers. Tom Cotter truly deserved to win, looks to everyone that the dog show people had their whole country vote for them. We are appalled. A complete waste of time, not to mention poorly scheduled. The host sucked. Howard Stern the best fairest judge, in fact I only watched AGT since Stern was new judge. NBC needs to make good and get atom Cotter a gig.

@ Joe

fuck tom cotter, hes a right wing asshole that should be punched in the face and balls repeatedly for the ignorant shit he says on Fox News channel


I loved the dog act and would watch a whole show with that act but that's my opinion and there's a lot more people in America


I am absolutely livid with the winners!!! Olate dogs is an act you can go to the circus to see, not something you would want to watch for a whole concert or something. They had neat tricks but they weren't anything that I couldn't see at the fair or at the circus. Plus they only kept doing the same tricks each performance...gets very boring.


I'm definitely a dog lover, but I'd like to have seen Tom win. Hopefully he'll see alot of positive press about himself and continue with his career.,


So happy with the results and this is coming from a dog lover. Sharon is so right about these wonderful creatures, they don't lie or deceive you. Also, some of the negativity directed at them or was it just plain sour grapes. Enjoyed the show last night but some of the singing celebrities had alot to be desired, can't take Justin Bieber and some of the others, you call that talent, I would have buzzed them in a New York minute!


Any one of the final 4-5 or so would have been deserving winners. But Im sick of shows like these filling up time with unrelated performances of pros promoting their new cds. I couldnt care less to see Justin Bieber or some other record industry hack perform...thats whay I watch AGT - to see raw unpolluted original talent. This junk just wastes my time and fills my PVR for nothing.