Amanda Bynes Warned By Judge: NO DRIVING!

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Amanda Bynes has been warned: Any more driving while her license is suspended will result in serious ramifications. Ones prosecutors already want to impose.

Her lawyer was in court today to fight the D.A.'s request to impose $50,000 bail for her April DUI arrest. The actress is currently free on her own recognizance.

The D.A. argued Amanda has proven time and again that she's a danger on the road (not a big stretch) and wants to protect the public (seriously) from her.

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The judge in Bynes' DUI case said her two hit-and-run violations took place before her license was suspended, so she did not jail Amanda or impose bail. Yet.

It was made quite clear: Enough driving follies.

Any more infractions from this day forward will mean real consequences; she isn't legally allowed drive at all at the moment because her license is suspended.

Bynes' downward spiral has been well documented in recent months, with some going so far as to say she should be placed under conservatorship a la Britney.

In sort of related news, today saw Lindsay Lohan arrested in NYC for a hit-and-run on a pedestrian ... just days after she griped about Bynes beating the rap.

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