Amanda Bynes: Headed For Conservatorship, Britney-Style?

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Reports are swirling that Amanda Bynes will soon be checking into rehab, but the former child star insists that she's no Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.

Bynes tells friends that she definitely does not need a conservatorship the way Spears did in 2008, when her yearlong meltdown reached its lowest point.

She feels that despite her bizarre behavior of late, she can take care of herself. Bynes also swears she isn't crazy. When you have to point that out ...

Amanda Bynes Cleavage
Britney Spears Cleavage

Bynes' recent woes have drawn comparisons to Britney ... circa 2007-08.

The star insists that the main reason her family has never brought up the conservatorship option is because she doesn't have mental problems, period.

Amanda's uncle Ronald Bynes reportedly spoke to Celebuzz and floated the idea that like Britney Spears, she needs legal, financial and medical guardianship.

"She needs to stop drinking and driving," Ronald told the site. "She needs help. (Her father) doesn't want to talk about her and often changes the subject."

"The problem is no correspondence (between Amanda and her parents) about any of this ... I don't even think they know what's going on with her."

"They're very upset about her recent problems, but they're in the dark."

A source tells E! that despite reports, Bynes has not checked into rehab, nor does she plan to. Cross your fingers that she changes her mind before it's too late.

Amanda Bynes: Should she be placed under conservatorship?


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she too needs a RAZOR?


NO WTFs up with her face? Holy shit she allergic? Lol Kiss a Kardashian? Lol Blow a cactus? Lmfao


Websites and media that give attention to these bad mannered celebs are exactly why they continue to do this. If they can't get a movie role, they think of *other* ways to remain famous. And, so, here we are.... Knock it off. It is wanna rip my eyes out annoying.


Wtf is wrong with her parents???? If what her uncle is saying is true, they either don't care, don't want to face facts, or live on fucking Mars! Truly hope she gets the serious help she definitely needs.


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