Alexis Bellino Leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County, Report Claims

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Looks like Jesus Jugs is on her way out.

Alexis Bellino is on the verge of leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County, according to a new report in Us Weekly (which cites an anonymous source).

After three seasons, "Alexis was really tired of being bullied and chose home and family life over celebrity," the insider explains of Alexis' decision to stop filming.

While she is said to have begun contract negotiations with Bravo, the former Housewife "wanted to go back to a simple life in Orange County," the source adds.

Jesus Jugs

In July, Alexis, 35, and her husband, Jim Bellino, decried the verbal bullying and attacks they say they suffered from the RHOC cast, particularly Tamra Barney.

The couple has even threatened to sue Barney for ridiculing their faith.

During Season 7, Alexis butted heads with Barney, Gretchen Rossi and Heather Dubrow. They didn't like her much. "Phony-Gate" became a major storyline.

Regarding the mother of James, 5, and 4-year-olds Melania and Mackenna, Bravo says "we have not made any decisions about a Season 8 pick up or casting."

Would you want to see Alexis Bellino back on RHOC?


If I had a enemy, I do not think I could treat them as bad as they do with so called friends. They are all callas, shallow, greedy and mean spirited at times.real problems with each others spouses, boyfriends, and children should be handled in private, not on tv most of them are mothers. I would be so ashamed if one of them was my mother


Alexis needs to stay home with her husband and kids. I think she talks in circles to the other women and in all reality, these women thrive on bashing others. Real life isn't like that at all. Its your choice to put your life out in the public, not take in back in private.


By the way, as a follow-up to my last post, Tamra is a train wreck. She seems to have screwed up every meaningful relationship she's ever had. I, very unfortunately, feel confident that she will manage to ruin the relationships she has with her children--the worst. With those long work days, the way she hangs her children out to dry (i.e.--the tequilla party with her son hitting shamelessly on Gretchen), and moves in with men she's never let her kids spend real, meaningful time with, I have got little doubt that "Good-Dad Simon" could end with custody of those little ones. Take heed, Tamra; it happens even to better mothers than you.


I agree with Alexis AND her husband. Enough is enough. I like her alot and felt painful on her behalf throughout most of last season. As a believer myself, I often wondered where her husband was and why he did not protect her at all from the verbal attacks. I've been a fan of RHOOC for a long time, but after that performance, I'm not anymore. I say it's time to get rid of both Tamra Barney and Vicki G[?sp], and best of luck to Alexis.


I will miss Alexis but hope that she will come back in the future, as for tamra I use to like her but i realized she has this mean bitchy side to her and she's just always bitching what the hell is eddie doing with her and she always use to live off her husband Alexis at leasts has some sort of job. I also like vicki but then again why is she dating someone who has no job, home or money and lives of her. I like heather but then again dont at the beginning of the show she was showing off and saying that I live in a millionaires area and my kids go to posh private elite schools bla bla and she's kinda boring and too posh her face is sort of evil as well. Gretchan I liked her but she has this bitchy side as well that is coming out slowly. Anyways I hope they all makeup and realize how much they are and actually be happy for it.


Alexis,a God fearin person.would not go under the surgans knife.Just seen show .Tamara callinyou Jesus Jugs..if your a a God fearing person.Sticks and stones.carnt hurt you . Tarma She is the true meanig of the word Snake..and any one who can point the finger at an unborn baby...and say swear on that babys LIFE....Take head you dont wont that woman..any were near your..Children..are your self....


I really think Brianna needs to stand by her mum (Vicky) more. Tamra is a bully and i have took a total dislike to her for the way she has been with Vicky and Alexis.

Stuck in the moment

dont leave alexis. you will give in to tamara. tamara wants to be the star of the the phoney one. i bet her funds are low. she hangs on to people with money 1st vicky. now heather has more she hangs on to her. she is so false you can see right through her. and all the arguments have her there. evil thats all she is. and lets hope her fiance wakes up before its to late. he looks like her son. i think tamara is the oldest on the show. she is really jealous of you alexis,,


So agree with some of the comments below. Tamra is at the root of most of the fights and my perception of her is that she is a spiteful woman. Can only assume it comes from jealousy. She has caused issues with every housewife as far as I can see. Eddie seems like a sweet guy, what's he see in her. Mean and more mean, not an attractive traight for a 40 something year old woman.



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