Zayn Malik Blames Haters for Twitter Deactiviation

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When it comes to Twitter, Zayn Malik is headed in one direction: out the door.

The British boy band member has deactivated his social networking account, telling followers immediately prior to doing so on Tuesday:

“The reason i don’t tweet as much as i use to, is because I’m sick of all the useless opinions and hate that I get daily. goodbye twitter :) .”

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To those fans who can't muster a smiley face of their own upon hearing this news, take heart:

Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Charlie Sheen, Alec Baldwin and Amanda Bynes have all quit Twitter in the past.

Every single one returned.

UPDATE: That didn't take long. He's already back, writing: Sorry, I was getting some abuse on twitter but I dont want to let my fans down. So I am back!! :)



I've always loved u Zayn. You rock. One direction will be absolutely nothing without u. You are awesome. In my school everybody is a huge fan of one direction but they are usually talking about u Zayn. They even text me about u and many many great photos of u. Don't ever change because u rock, don't be like stupid ugly Miley Cyrus. Sh changed herself and sh is very very stupid and ugly and more bad bad stuff. Oh and if u ever change u will still be awesome. Thank u!!!!!!!!!


i think zayn malik is amazing and he is so hot!!!!!! who cares wat they think. just brush it off and say. im zayn malik and i kno who i am. kno matter wat ppl think of me.


°̩'ve got α date with zayn maliks haters and °̩t aint gonna end with α kiss nobody and °̩ mean nobody messes with Zayn Javaad Malik!!!! °̩'m still glad he'ƨ back and those haters must die in holes and go to hell where they belong °̩'ll repeat myself one more time no1 messes with Zayn he'ƨ αn amazayn guy with α great personality hair 2 die for nd eyes that make girls melt haters are just jealous that their boyfriends can't be as hot as him what has he ever done to deserve that hate!!!! :* wuv ya Zayn you r awesome and °̩ think you and perri are soo adorbz *bbm eyelashes face* :* mwa ♥ ♡ x


sorry to be a bit skeptical here but no matter what, stars would come back to twitter as its like a really important part to do as a star. they have awards on best twit(TCA), you get known for how many people tweet you in a min and such, i don't think the stars really return just for the fans...just saying


OMG i am so glad that zayn came back .....luv u lotssss xoxo


U still the best broe keep it up "bbm thumbz up" :)

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