Wisconsin Shooting at Sikh Temple Leaves Seven Dead

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Two weeks after the horrific shooting in Aurora, Colorado claimed 12 lives, another gunman opened fire today inside a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

At least seven people, including the perpetrator, were found dead at the scene, with Police Chief Bradley Wentlandt telling reporters that a wounded officer returned shots at the unnamed culprit and took his life, ending the massacre.

Four bodies were found inside the temple and three outside of it, including the gunman.

Oak Creek

Darshan Dhaliwal, one of the temple's leaders, said the final tally is unknown. As as the motivations of the shooter.

"Our dear ones and near ones are injured and hurt, and we are trying to find out what happened," Dhaliwal told WTMJ.

The Sikh religion originated in northern India in the early 1500s and is comprised of approximately 25 million people around the world, 700,000 of whom reside in the United States. It's unknown, of course, if the killer was specifically targeting members of the religion.

State Rep. Josh Zepnick, who represents much of the Milwaukee area's Sikh community, told WTMJ he was "torn to shreds" by the attack.

"It's a very peace-loving community that has successfully integrated and assimilated into the metropolitan Milwaukee area."


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Just terrible. To those who think this is funny - it is not and can happen anywhere. To the detractors of Americans - you might be speaking German right now (or not even alive) if not for America.


At least THIS moron took his useless life as well; unlike the idiot from Colorado - whom everyone is sick of looking at. He of course, will be "temporarily insane" and will be put in a nice, mental place where he will live until he is out of the limelight the media has put him on blah blah blah. Then there will be a movie and a book written about his morbid actions and why he did it. sickos!


I feel really bad for the victims but please stop bad mouthing our country. If you dislike this place so much go live somewhere else. If you don't like something about this country change it instead of complaining about it. Your comments are of no use and no one really cares what you think. People like u makes me sick. Complain about everything and never do anything proactive. I bet you skip out on Jury duty and don't vote.


Stupid fucking Americans. Its not even surprising that a fucking retard American "vet" doesn't even know the difference between brown people. Dipshit moron. This dude represents the majority of the population of the United States of Fucktards. Sikhs don't have anything to do with this guys agenda! It's as if he shot up a buddhist temple because he hates Germans! Learn how to read America! It's not surprising that China owns us! This country is just a cess pool of dumb!


Typical [poorly educated compared to civilized countries] Americans.


The NRA is not able able to change/regulate the laws that have to do with guns.I agree on a certain level that revision is probably a good idea.But, I also think that the ppl who r reponsible for these muders,could care less if they get their gun legally,or illegally.......No doubt about it,they will get it!!!!They can revise the laws but if someone wants 2 kill innocent ppl,those laws will mean nothing 2 them."The US citizen who thinks he has a right to a gun" to cause havoc and take innocent lives,due to his 2nd Amendement right,is not how the "average" US citizen who gets a gun,actually feels.....that is how the average PSYCHO feels!I think we could all probably agree that even if they do infact change the current gun laws,this world will STILL be headed for grey skies and more turmoil than we can even begin to imagine.The PEOPLE of this world are the REAL. problems,not the guns.


....may I just say something N Im not pointing blame towards any individual or organization....I believe that perhaps....N feel free to correct me if Im wrong but I feel as though because this amandment does exist.that citizens of these United States feel as though they can purchase a gun only to then inflict harm onto others....with the sole purpose of evilness as opposed to using guns for protection N protection only....Im for the 2nd amendment N the NRA....I just think its time they revised this right that has been given to us for decades now.....new rules N regulations should be established imediately....until something like that is taken into consideration its only a matter of time before something like this happens again N another one of our US cities is overcome with destruction N turmoil....my thoughts N prayars go out to not only those who lost their lives but their famlies as well...


Stop blaming the NRA/Republicans!Put your energy into the story and pray for the families of the hurt/deceased.When these tragedies happpen,people are so quick to point fingers and throw blame around.Are you aware that plenty of Democrats also support the 2nd Amendement?When did everyone stop truly caring about the tradgedy and only caring about placing blame???


the nra & most of the republicans running it are outdated, if the founding fathers new the second amendment would be used like it is i'm sure they would have left it out. sorry for your loss