Will Diddy Judge American Idol Season 12?

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Another day, another name thrown into the American Idol judging ring.

But this is a major one.

Sources tell The New York Post that Diddy - or whatever the heck he's called these days - has been contacted by producers and is under consideration for a spot alongside Mariah Carey on Season 12.

Diddy Photograph

Diddy and Carey go back a long way. Who doesn't remember their tremendous collaboration on "Honey" in 1997?

The music mogul is the latest in a number of stars to be rumored for the gig. He follows Adam Lambert... and Nick Jonas.. and, heck, even Snoop Dogg got into the act.

What do you think? Do you want Diddy to judge American Idol?


Well this looks like the downfall of American idle, what with those two no talent hacks, blaaaa....


Oh, please, no. The show is over. Cancel it now.


The black judges just always vote for the blacks.


P. Diddy would probably be a good judge, but neither will he or Miriah make me watch AI. I would rather see Adam Lambert as a judge. Adam has varied experience as a singer, contestant, executive producer, and actor. He also articulate, honest, nice, funny, and talented.


I’m all for P Diddy to be a judge on American Idol. I thought he performed well when he was on last year and I could watch more of him. He has the experience to go with the position and he would make a good duo with Mariah Carey. I can’t wait to watch season 12 now that I can use my Auto Hop feature to skip commercials. The new Auto Hop feature offers me a way to enjoy more TV, since I don’t have to watch commercials. I just have to select to enable this feature and the commercials are gone. I was excited to check this out after my coworker at Dish showed me how it functions. If you want to watch any commercials you can always skip back and watch them, even if the Auto Hop is enabled. This allows me to save money on batteries for the remote, since I won’t have to fast forward anymore.

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