Wayne Brady Apologizes For Trig Palin-Jeff Ross Joke

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Wayne Brady is under serious fire for using Sarah Palin's son Trig and Down Syndrome as a punchline during Comedy Central's Roast of Roseanne Barr.

Brady says he did not write the offensive line in question, but takes "full responsibility" for the joke and says "no malice or harm was meant."

During the roast of Roseanne, Brady said that Sarah Palin hates Jeffrey Ross because he reminds her of "what Trig is going to look like when he's 40."

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Trig Palin, Sarah Palin's youngest son, was born with Down Syndrome in 2008, months before she came the Republican V.P. nominee (above).

Even if it was primarily a joke about Jeff Ross, who also courted controversy for dressing like Joe Paterno at the same event, Brady is apologetic.

Wayne issued a statement on Facebook in which he apologizes to Sarah and her family: "At the end of the day I take full responsibility for saying it."

The comedian said that while "I could defend it as a performer, I would rather apologize from the bottom of my heart as a father."

"To the Palins, please know that no malice or harm was meant. To the other families who were touched negatively, I hope you'll be able to accept this apology as well."

He told TMZ when asked about it this weekend that, "It's a roast, but there are people with sensitivities ... and some people were bothered."

Wayne Brady's Trig Palin joke:

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Wayne Brady has a right to say whatever he wants. Making fun of Sarah plain is fair game but making fun of mentally challenged people is slightly tasteless.


He showed real class.


That was soo HILARIOUS about Palins pink retarded baby! Can't stop laughing! She throws racist comments ALL THE TIME! I don't think Wayne should have apolIgized he shouldve just said "Ya I said it."


I thought it was funny,
But ya, to even things out he should have made a joke about how obamas daughters look like they have mustaches, like a lot of little black girls do.

@ Big daddy

Fuck your stupid ignorant honkey ass


Stupid coon.


@ Matt Same ole story...Lib-turds get away with murder with regard to their rhetoric while conservatives are crucified for theirs. Yeah, same shit, different day! Oh well, waiting for the change in early Nov.!


Another case of racism and because of who says it- it will not be called racism. Plain & Simple


At this rate, because of WAYNE BRADY, there will now be a New Version of the BRADY BILL: a Federal BACKGROUND CHECK BEFORE You are Allowed to Open your Mouth.


This tells me everything I need to know about Wayne Brady: "The comedian said that while "I could defend it as a performer, I would rather apologize from the bottom of my heart as a father." Bravo, Mr. Brady. We all make mistakes. What matters is what we do about it when we realize we made a mistake. Yes, it was a bad joke, but you are a class act. Bravo.


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