Tom Cruise to Pay Katie Holmes How Much in Divorce?

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Katie Holmes apparently walked away nothing other than relatively modest child support in her divorce from Tom Cruise ... which is all she wanted.

From the onset, it was reported that Katie wanted nothing from Tom other than a divorce and for him to comfortably support their daughter Suri.

Mission accomplished on both fronts.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise

Sources familiar with documents filed with the court indicate that Katie received no lump sum payout in the couple's recent divorce settlement.

This is consistent with the prenup she signed which shuts her out of Tom's fortune. She also received nothing in the way of spousal support.

Tom has agreed to pay Katie $400,000 a year in child support, or $33,333.33, until Suri turns 18, coming in a shade under $5 million total.

He'll also cover her medical, dental, insurance, education, college and other costs, but for a man worth over $250 million, it's hardly an issue.

Also interesting: Suri Cruise cannot go to a "residential school" from now through her high school years ... i.e. no boarding school for her.

Katie could have fought for more support, but Suri brought them together even as they were divorcing and they opted to settle quickly.

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I still don't understand why people are getting married just for the sake of divorce at the end. They have to think about their children in my opinion.


At last. Some dignity.


What I gods name do people get married for. Only the lawyers make out and the wedding what a waste
Of money. It's certainly not for the guy why did we ever let the botches get the upper hand on this.


Smart smart man prenuptial now he can go on and make the same god damned mistake again when will
We ever learn one nighters till I die. Nothing like the taste of brand new.


@kellie I fully agree with you although I think it could have gotten alot uglier... that being said, they both handled it better than some would have.


lyndee...I don't commend Tom for a damn thing. He fast tracked the settlement for reasons only known to him and Scientology. He wasn't thinking about Katie or Suri.


Wow, makes the $300 a month I got in child support for my son sound pretty pathetic lol.


you have to commend these two for the way they handle thier divorce.


There are so many other "hollywood couples" that should take a leaf out of Tom & Katie's book. Most mature split and divorce we've seen yet.


She is the meaning of 'Class!" Good, for them!