Suri Cruise Brought Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Together, Even in Divorce

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter Suri Cruise was the force behind their prompt divorce settlement, as neither party wished to see her affected by it.

Katie and Tom seemed poised for nuclear war after she filed for sole custody in divorce papers, but in the end, Suri played peacemaker rather than weapon.

After Katie filed, hostility was off the charts as she looked to strip of all decision-making power in Suri's life, allegedly fueled by fears of Scientology.

Tom responded by unleashing the full power of his team of attorneys. Yet less than two weeks later, the two sides negotiated a divorce settlement.

It's almost unheard of, and they can thank Suri for it.

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes

A series of conversations with Suri and close confidants apparently made TomKat realize the six-year-old could be irreparably damaged by parental warfare.

This hit home with both Tom and Katie, and allowed the lawyers to go into negotiations looking to deal amicably, rather than stick it to the other side.

The terms remain confidential, but Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes agreed that Suri will live primarily with her mother with "generous visitation" by her dad.

"They both love their daughter," says one source, and while he wants to be a big part of her life, forever, "Tom thinks she should be with her mother."

The superstar also "didn't want his family dragged through the mud," says the source. "Neither one of them wanted this to be hashed out in public."

Due credit to both for seeing that it wasn't.



Why can't everyone just wish these two people well. It is nice to know we have perfect people in this world. Of course they are only the people above. We, as Americans are suppose to have compassion instead we like to kick people while they are down. I remember the story of a women who had a daughter who got pregnant. She would go round saying it would never happen to my kids. I brought them up right. Well, when it did happen to her daughter she played a different song. Now she says, my daughter was taken advantage off by a boy who had no guidance. In other words unless you can honestly say your slate is clean, shut up.


Nicole was obviously squeezed by indoctrinated alienation by the scientollies who were programming her kids. Tom can say they were never denied contacted with Nicole...but when kids are pressured reactions can be extreme. This is all to Katie's benefit to learn from.
Perhaps its time for Tom to learn not to be so suffocating and controlling in his future relationships.
I hope Kate and Tom continue to keep Suri's best interests at heart.


Tom and Nicole had joint custody of Connor and Isabella, but what they found was Nicole was using them for show, planned photo ops, etc. They both chose to live with Tom and Katie because they were miserable with Nicole.


there is more to katie Holmes than anyone ever imagined. I do not believe she is all that squeeky innocent as she portrays either.There is method in her madness !


Doesn't anyone find it strange that he had full custody of his 'adopted' kids who were not allowed to have contact with their mother, Nicole but he gave up primary custody of his 'biological' child? Does this mean he can not have any contact with her since Katie has left COS?


kim and kris could learn alot from these 2 almost 6yrs of married settled in 2wks 72days and been almost a yr nw shows the differeces beween 2adults and a person wanting fame and money if u dnt think its going to wk just more on as they did


Should of waited on marrying in the first place.what happen to marriage being so fucken great and so sacred


Well played, Kate. Well played.

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