Sarah Palin Not Invited to Speak at GOP Convention

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Former Alaska Governor and V.P. nominee Sarah Palin will not speak at, or even attend, the Republican National Convention, she confirmed in a statement.

"This year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak at the convention and I'm excited to hear them," Palin, the star of the 2008 convention, said.

"Everything I said at the 2008 convention about then-candidate (Barack) Obama still stands today," the 48-year-old professional celebrity added.

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Palin’s apparent decision to steer clear of the convention marks a stark contrast from four years ago, when she took the presidential race by storm.

Accepting the GOP Vice Presidential nomination, she electrified the party faithful and received widespread praise from previously skeptical pundits.

That also turned out to be her high water mark, however, and her absence from this year's event may indicate what a polarizing figure she's become.

Sources connected to both Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney's camps said she backed out of the RNC altogether after not being offered a speaking slot.

She said she supports Republican presidential candidate Romney and his running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan, but is focusing her efforts elsewhere.

Big Republican names such as Chris Christie, Condoleezza Rice, John McCain, Marco Rubio and even Rick Santorum will speak at the convention.

Romney will officially be nominated on August 30.

Who do you want to win in 2012:


"Under the circumstances the Republican Party is making the right choice..." And Donald Trump is a better choice ?


Whatever respect I had for Sarah Palin deppasearid while watching that clip of her hunting caribou. Being a lousy shot is one thing, but I can't take seriously the notion that she's a real hunter when she asks if the rifle kicks, has her dad load the rifle, has no idea how to shoot off of a pack, and has her dad work the fucking bolt for her. I realize that reality TV shows are heavily edited, but anyone halfway familiar with a rifle would at least know how to load it and work the goddamn action.She's just another politician to me, I say the Republicans should run a Poptart Cat/Barry Goldwater's corpse ticket in 2012, Obama's going to win anyway, might as well .


Liberal haters infiltrate conservative events
and sites to disrupt & spread their poison
as these ppl posting their hatred for Sarah.
That they say she's not qualified but have
no problem with Obummer who has never
Held any office or real job. His time as
Senator was measured in days, so hypocritical.
The GOP has lost it's contact with it's base.
The left fear Sarah Palin, do they demean
Her as these lying libs do.


My guess is that someone of respect in the republican party told her "do not come anywhere near the convention".


She shouldn't speak at the RNC I agree. She was barley governor before running for VP then did nothing but bask in the media glory. Who does a fake bus tour around u.s eluding to the fact she may run for president? Even showing up at other real runners locations to try and out shine them. It was pretty pitiful to watch. On another note RNC almost here I'm pretty excited. There will be so many politicians and news media here its going to be crazy. I'm definitely looking forward to it and can't wait for Jon Stewart's show!


Romney can't do any worse!!! Im sick off foodstamps and freeloaders.


Without a username- you don't exist and neither does your message.


@Matt-Do you find it a bit bewildering when the ppl that hate/obsesse over you,based on your views,attack you using the SAME stuff they claim to dislike about your views??They are resorting to calling you a "fag",which last time I checked,the left(and others)found that to be vulgar and outrageously offensive.........yet when attacking you,this is the exact route they go.Every single day upon waking Matt,you should thank God that you are NOT one of them!There is so much effort on their part to be truly hypocritical/ignorant beings.How exhausting,and what a small life that must be to lead.


Under the circumstances the Republican Party is making the right choice and they have made hers for her. She has something to offer but not on the main stage. I'm guessing voters are looking for stability and specifics regarding direction. Independents would bail if she were to take to big of a role. Romney is center and leans to the right and Ryan is right but not extreme. Last thing we want is to go behind her- not now.

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