Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps to Go Dancing With the Stars?

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The London Olympics are almost over, but will we see swimming studs Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps square off on Dancing With the Stars next?

A newly-retired Phelps said earlier in the week that he wouldn't rule out following in the footsteps of Olympians who have gone on the ABC show.

He'd probably do well, but if it's up to his teammate and friendly rival Lochte, he'd best prepare himself for some stiff competition on the parquet.

Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte

"Since I'm so used to competing against Michael Phelps, I'd go on [Dancing with the Stars] with him," said Lochte, who won five medals in 2012.

"I could do Dancing with the Stars! Yeah, I think so."

No doubt Ryan Lochte's sister and mom in the audience cheering him on alongside Michael Phelps' mom in what would be a rematch for the ages.

Or at least reality TV. Who'd you rather see on DWTS?


To "Go" Dancing With the Stars?? Don't you mean "DO"????
Seriously Hollywood Gossip, almost every story you post has some type of spelling or grammar mistake.
Get your shit together and proof read before posting...or hire a competent editor.
I'm sure you'll erase this comment, as you have before, whenever myself or other people have commented
on the constant mistakes on here.


I would love to see these two hotties competing against each other on DWTS. I hope they do on the next season of DWTS.

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