Kristen Stewart's Parents to Divorce

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When it rains, it pours for Kristen Stewart.

The Breaking Dawn star's parents, Jules and John Stewart, are calling it quits. The former filed for divorce on August 17, ending their 27-year marriage.

Jules cited irreconcilable differences for the split. As for the date of separation, she says they have been estranged since back in June of 2010.

They have two sons, Taylor and Cameron, in addition to Kristen.

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K-Stew's parents both work in film production Jules as a writer/director and John as a producer and stage manager. She has not commented on the split.

The news comes just weeks after an affair between married director Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart rocked the celebrity gossip world.

Kristen's straying likely marked the end of a storybook romance with Robert Pattinson, though both have been tight-lipped since her public mea culpa.

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As someone who comes from parents divorcing, it sucks guys. Leave her alone. Her parents business is not our business...leave them alone too. Sad that these gossip sites have to post crap like this just to get hits and associate with Kristen and her incident. Lame asses.
Hey are a zero. are an idiot.


I'm not a fan of Ms Stewart. She comes across in the media as a condescending arrogant snot. But I'm not one to kick a person when they are down. Time to lay off this girl. Remember that she is only 22 years old. Give her a break.


I don't like wat is happenin 2 Kristen S, seriously i dont!! Its not fair! She just just brokeup with her long time bf now her parents... Its just not fair!.....:(


guys cummon,its nt fair 2 sy its ol k-stew's fault 4 her parents's divorce.the poor gal must b devastated ryt nw.i'm nt a big fan of her bt i also hv some humanity in me.wht people r doin 2 her is inacceptable!so sure she made a mistake,bt we r supposd 2 b de mature ones and learn 4rm her mistakes nt make lyf hard 4 the miserable gal.dnt wrry k-stew this phase will pass..


This seems to be happening a lot recently.


kristen successfully direct their footsteps, folks!!


This girl is boring as hell. Worse actress ever all her roles seem the same tired boring ass ones.She is so plain so boring


seriously who gives a 4k


@zero how did she drive them to it? They have been seperated 2 years if u are refering to the cheating scandal. 27 years is a long time eternity in hollywood land sometimes things just dont work out.


Umm what's up with her ear? I think someone should brush up on Photoshop lol


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