Kim Kardashian Fuels Wedding Talk Via Twitter

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Perhaps to distract from her ongoing divorce drama - or simply to keep herself in the news - Kim Kardashian Tweeted a photo of herself in a dress last night.

But not just any dress.

Accompanied by the caption "late night fitting," the picture depicts Kim in what is either a wedding dress or a gown intended for followers to believe is a wedding dress. See for yourself:

Kim Kardashian Wedding Gown?

Of course, Kardashian can't legally marry Kanye West - despite talk that the couple really is considering it - until she's officially split from Kris Humphries.

It's either a huge mess for the reality star... or her perfect storm. Under these circumstances, Kim can simply tease fans via Twitter and Facebook and various mysterious quotes without having to commit to anything or go through with what would be another sham of a marriage.

Damn. She's good.

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Kim Kardashian Fuels Wedding Talk Via Twitter
Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
You are welcome)


so hot Kim,keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kim Ho you are like a door knob everybody gets a turnYour not all that dont see whatK.west see's in you Ho you are a piece of crap and yuo are not that fine like you think. Hope you read this Ho


slut ! Really, this woman stays in the news or stupid reasons.


kris suites u better,u shuldn have thrown it all away


u go gal Kim u the best


Once again, anything for attention, you fame-seeking money hungry nasty bitch. You're the biggest joke in the industry.


celestina m sorry but 4 me mean comment saying that kim got big fat ass are from haterz! But ya dats my opinion :)


Ddl c'on no body here is hating KK or her family they are just sayin there minds like u just did, d K family is in a lot of mess rite now, and i kw that one day it will all stop!


Really why does she post all these nasty pics of her Fat A**. I'm sorry she thinks it's nice, it really gross no matter what your man of the month is telling you...Kim you Fat!