Kendall and Kylie Jenner Cover Seventeen, Talk Potential Spin-Off

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No. Please, God and Mayans who predicted our demise before this calendar year is over, just... no.

In an interview with the September issue of Seventeen, Kendall and Kylie Jenner make it very clear: they want their own reality TV show.

Kendall and Kylie Cover

"We go on a lot of adventures!" Kendall says of what the spin-off would depict. "We do crazy stuff. We will kidnap one of our friends or get a group together and go to Disneyland for the night."

Sure. Whatever the writers come up with, basically.

E!, of course, has also spun-off Khloe Kardashian and husband Lamar Odom. Kourtney Kardashian has taken both Miami and New York City and, let's face it, is there any doubt a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West series is on the way?

The sisters are writing a science-fiction novel together and compare themselves to their older, more successful, frequently naked siblings.

"Kim and Kourtney were the same way," Kendall, 16, said of working with Kylie, 14. "They were fighting constantly when they were our age, and then there was a point where they flipped and loved each other and they were best friends."

Dare we ask: Would you watch a Kendall and Kylie reality show?


I think there both beautiful, but I actually prefer Kylie, she has more personality and a better body, Kendal's to tall and to straight up and down.


Who said Kylie n Khloe aint pretty? They are beautiful in their own way. I'd love 2 c Kendall n Kylie SHINE. GO KUTES =)


I feel sorry for kylie jenner, she wantsto be like kendall soooooooo bad BUT she will never be as good looking as her. She should stop trying to be as cute as kendall and try to pursue her own thing! :/


The girls are both very preety thou kendall is more baeutiful.watching their show will be so much fun, we have seen their elder sisters now for so long so let us divert to the rising stars as scott said.kendall,kylie dont waste any futher time u girls should do that show already, millions of people are waiting,hurrrrry girls


Of course I would watch it I bet it would be the bomb!


Absolutly!!!! Who wouldn't


Yes absolutely I wouldn't miss a single episode I love both of them they are so gorgeous and excellent models


I would watch it, the main show is just getting boring. They would attract a whole new audience.


Yes I'd watch it! I love Kendall and Kylie, they're role models for teens everywhere in the US. And they can't do anything about being famous, they were born into it. And no they will most likely never be out of the spotlight, so let's get past that. It'd be interesting and make a lot of money with the amount of teens that will be watching that. I vote yes!


Kendall is a very pretty girl, Kylie not so much. Kylie reminds me a lot of Khloe, who is the least prettiest girl of Kourtney and Kim. I see Kendall doing pretty good as a model, Kylie will just be a model just because of her name. Also, no more Kardashian/Jenner shows. Talk about overload!!! It already is overload.

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