Kelsey Grammer Blames Emmy Snub on Republican Political Views

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Kelsey Grammer, the star of Boss on Starz, suggested last night that he may have been snubbed by the Emmys because of his Republican leanings.

Grammer's role as a ruthless Chicago mayor won him a Golden Globe, yet he isn't even among the 2012 Emmy nominees, which Jay Leno was puzzled by.

The Tonight Show host asked Grammer why that was. His response:

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“It may have to do with several things, honestly, but I think it’s possible… I mean, I am a… I’m a declared out of the closet Republican in Hollywood."

“Do I believe it’s possible that some young person, young voting actor - or even older voting member for the Emmys - would sit there and go ..."

"‘Yeah, that’s a great performance, but ooooooooooooh, I just hate everything he stands for?’ [Cue sarcasm.] I don’t believe that’s possible.”

Grammer has won Emmys for Cheers, Frazier, and even The Simpsons, but he claims he only publicized his political views after his last win (2006).

The rebuttal to Grammer’s comment is that no matter how good he is on Boss, it's on Starz, and only has around 300,000 viewers per episode.

It’s possible liberal voters don’t care for his politics, but how many even know that about him, let alone care? Enough to cost him an Emmy nod?

Also, if any voters snubbed Kelsey for personal reasons (a big if), wouldn't his ugly, public split with Camille Grammer be a more likely reason?

You be the judge: Think Kelsey is snubbed because of his views?



Wv peach

@Matt: you again? As usual, you're completely mistaken and have not understood what was said. You are about as useful as a tit on a boar pig. Idiot.


Since I now see that you were referring to my example then this is what I have for you. You sit and talk like every decision is made before some sort of board of ethics committee. Under the table- behind the scenes crap has been going on forever. To ask any Democrat to make a decision based on what's best or who's most qualified is like asking a Democrat to vote for a President that is actually qualified to do the job. The problem some have is they cannot get pass their resentment towards the ones they use to envy. I'm guessing you are of the entitled generation and your motto is - "IT'S SO MUCH EASIER TO APOLOGIZE THAN TO ASK FOR PERMISSION! You really need to know what your talking about before you speak! FYI- LIBERALS ARE NOT A PROTECTIVE CLASS- IN FACT THEY HAVE NO CLASS!

Wv peach

@Abc: what are you talking about? I said that actual discrimination must be proven, per the protected classes. This means the teacher cannot legally be denied emoloyment and/or promotions because she's a outspoken conservative Republican. These are Federal guidelines; and no, President Obama did not write them. Jeez..


I wouldn't be surprised. Damn liberals rule Hollywood. They're still getting even for the blacklisting, in the 40s & 50's.


You're comparing apples & oranges. One has nothing to do with the other. You're out in space nowhere. Unless you knew the opinions of everyone here about whatever you're talking about you can't call anyone a hypocrite. Jeez.


@Matt Yeah...the political discrimination some Republicans have to endure just because of their affiliation! I had an uncle in Indiana who was not promoted on the police force because he was the only Republican! He shoulda sued the city's hind end!


One question though if Hollywood is so liberal they wont give him an award how the hell did he even get hired in the first place with a leading role?


Hahaha what a joke. So let me get this straight. Any black person who says they don't get hired because of race is just a lazy sob who is hiding behind excuses but Kelsey says he doesn't get a little award (even though he just got one from I'm assuming other 'hollywood liberal' judges) and u guys are ready to jump on the band wagon. It never amazes me how hypocritical people are. If only people could actually have opinions instead of taking every single cue from what 'their' party says and thinks.


Ya, its because hes a Republican. This is what liberals in power do. Push their agenda any way they can. They are the new nazis.

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