Hit the Road, Barack: Newsweek Cover Calls For Obama Defeat

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It’s not quite Time’s breastfeeding cover, but Newsweek is generating plenty of headlines with its new controversial cover story calling for President Obama's defeat.

The title says it all: “Hit the Road, Barack. Why We Need a New President.”

Niall Ferguson delves a list of what he calls Obama's broken promises and budget failures, advocating instead for the Republican ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Obama Newsweek Cover

In a statement addressing the cover, Newsweek’s executive editor, Justine Rosenthal, said they wanted to give readers a taste of both sides of the aisle.

"These are arguments; they aren’t just reported pieces," she says.

This certainly isn’t the first time Newsweek has had a controversial cover of late, having dubbed Obama “The First Gay President” earlier this year.

The magazine's penchant for buzzy covers extends beyond politics: Its most talked about may have been of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.

Regarding the Obama cover, you can follow the link to read why the publication feels we need a new president, though it's really nothing new.

If you think Obama deserves four more years, you know the counter-arguments. If you want him out, you'll probably agree with the bulk of it.

Either way, it doesn't offer much in the way of compelling insight and appears geared more towards generating viral buzz than hard-hitting journalism.

Decision 2012: Who's got your vote?


I would NEVER buy that magazine anyway. But it's the ignoramus like these editors that keep this country divided. You can definately tell who is intimidated and threatened of an intelligent Black man. It usually takes a small mind to do hate mongering! That's obvious with just looking at the cover. I'm actually GLAD he was nominated and exposed the cowardly corrupt, evil, insecure, racist, greedy, crooks for what they are! He did them a favor it's now 2012 and they no longer have to have secret knock on the door in code with their sheets covering their faces.


Question so how do fix a country in 4 years? You can't that's impossible this country is lost and I just like to say give obama sometime. Not just because he's black or obamacare but just because he started something let's just see where this goes

@ unkown

How quickly you forget this man in the WH promised he "the little King" could and would do what you call impossible!! Interesting!


@David. Romney by no means is a miracle worker. We just want it turned around. Nothing wrong with Ron Paul. Paul never anticipated winning. He wanted to be heard and he was. His followers were as loyal as any, but his chances of winning were slim. Still- he would have been a damn site better than whats in office now. Romney 2012


Am not an american, but ipity u all.ur country is going down yet ur busy calling muslims names.when hitler was killing jews nobody abused christians or whatever his religion was.dont blame islam.if u want to know islam read quran coz is oppossite of osama and al-shabab and muslims are ashamed of all these them.according to islam osama is not a muslim what he does is not what islam is teaching.


Obamacare is an Ice Castle. Obama is in over his head with everything, especially Healthcare. Forcing people to go to one plan on the shoulders of a Government that is in economic dire straits. Corporations will end up dropping their employees and just look at the money they will save. Taking 700 billion from Medicare is theft. We have been paying on this our whole lives along with SS. People do not like their Med treatment toyed with. Pediatric care, family doctors - all put in jeopardy. People want options. Look at his plan- The Religous Conscience section. Horrid to say the least. This Administration is in total chaos and they are fighting each other. What is Nancy Pelosi even doing up there! God save America.


David, Romney is not my first choice either, but the problem with voting for Ron Paul is that with Romney as the republican candidate, any votes for Ron Paul will divide the republican vote, and Obummer will win reelection.


Americans shaoulda go for the best, although am not yet in the state am a Nigerian but USA it's my dream country and i wish u the best. God Bless America


I agree with null.... and im not american and am glad im in,my own country... at least.. now. but... the american presidency election... on who get elected will clearly impact the rest of the world, esp in terms of economic point of view. whoever come to become president come november..along with their foreign policies .... we are all holding our breath to it. america need a wise and experience president.... both in handling internal as well as international affairs... and so far only bill clinton has showed his meetle. too bad for america he cant stay,longer.... or alternatively.. there's always muchael bloomberg....


OBAMA is by far this nation's ugliest president and he has been a FAILURE for his 1st term.I run Asians 4 Romney/Ryan'12 group! romney/ryan 2012''Asian choice 4 prez


Now you know why I never re subscribe to Newsweek never will

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