Joe Biden: Mitt Romney Will "Put Y'all Back in Chains"

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Vice President Joe Biden raised eyebrows at a Virginia campaign rally today when he said Mitt Romney and his economic ideas would "put y'all back in chains."

Of the Republican ticket and newly-minted VP nominee Paul Ryan's budget plan, Biden said: "They’ve said it. Every Republican’s voted for it."

"Look at what they value. Look at their budget and what they’re proposing. [Romney] said in the first 100 days, he’s going to let the big banks once again write their own rules – unchain Wall Street ... They’re going to put y’all back in chains."

While Biden likely meant that Americans would be shackled, metaphorically, by corporate greed, his words conjured up more provocative imagery.

Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul said “The comments made by the vice president are not acceptable in our political discourse and demonstrate yet again that the Obama campaign will say and do anything to win this election."

Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter didn't back down.

"I think [President Obama] probably agrees with Joe Biden's sentiments," Cutter said. "He's using a metaphor to talk about what's going to happen."

"I appreciate the faux outrage from the Romney campaign. If you want to talk about use of words, take a look at [Romney's] stump speech where he basically calls the president un-American. The bottom line is that we have no problem with those comments."

What do you think? The Romney campaign making something out of nothing, or remarks laden with racial overtones unreasonably deployed by Biden?

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@Daina- if it ain't the Secret Service it's Suzanne Barr (Ice Chief of staff) - this Administration is a Trainwreck. Meanwhile the Rich have so much money they are hated! Hated so much that restrictions will not be lifted so the rich can't build. Of course they don't need to employee people if they can't build and so on & so on. Small business? They are held hostage (taxes) they won't invest in the future and to boot- Obama tells them they didn't build it! Of course if you dumb it down- that statement means you DONT DESERVE IT! How bout those Black Panthers- They say they will step on some CRACKERS necks at the RNC! OBAMA/HOLDER ARE DOING THE BLOCKING WHILE THE PANTHERS RUN THE BALL! I call it the Trifecta - 2008 poll intimidation- Zimmerman Bounty- now this! What a "POST RACISM" country! Got 2 love that hope N change.


@Matt You been quiet this evening! Yes, I saw about the immigrants on TV. It's just Obama's way of trying to grant a "stop-gap" stepping stone to all out amnesty for these folks. If he's not trying to hand out money we don't have like Robin's "Executive" orders to get around working with Congress to get legitimate legislation passed. Be glad when he's gone after Jan. 20th!


@Lars5 Oh, put down the silly kool-aid 'n wipe your lip! Voter ID aids in illegals not getting into vote, "dead people" being kept out of the voting booth, and some folks voting TWICE! There needs to be accountability at the voting booth for sure! Besides, those folks who don't have an ID can get one before election day at court houses. So there! The Democrats are just going to have to play by the rules as they should to garner votes for their candidates instead of allowing illegal votes to be cast! So of course, Dems don't want Voter ID...hell it's the only way in some states they can win. Pathetic.


@Daina- Today- illegal immigrants all across the country become eligible for tentative legal status now that OBAMAS non- deportation policy goes into effect as they begin granting work permits! 12k in line in Chicago. 25 million out of work- citizens living in this country for their entire life can't even find a job and he's taking care of these! Another flavor of American entitlement in which Food Stamps and Welfare are not to be confused as being a phase but in reality it's a way of life! As they sit harvesting the fruits of taxpayer dollars ALL ENTITLED scream racism at each given opportunity. How anyone could vote for this pathetic excuse and have the nerve to call him Mr. President is by far the most insane thing I've seen. To vote for him twice is total insanity and unforgivable. Republicans need to wake up- these Leftist- they don't just hate the right they hate the people who make the right exist.


Biden is not a racist. The true racists are the republicans who have passed these horrendous voter ID laws aimed at preventing blacks and Latinos from voting. These new racists have retreated to the time of poll taxes and ridiculous tests to suppress the votes of blacks.


Are you kiddin, Joe?!? You're workin' for the "Jacob Marley" (excuse the "Christmas Carol" reference) of political chains! We Americans will hurt from Obama's poor leadership for years to come. You know, I've read many times that the White House is in fact..haunted. Maybe..just maybe Barack could be visited by three political spirits (all in one night) to teach him the error of his ways. After all, the whole ghost interaction thingy changed Ebenezer Scrooge! We can only hope! {insert: Twilight Zone theme here}:)


@Lana Sooooo..let me guess. You're voting for the Libertarian candidate this year????? If so, what are they offering America??


Hey Joe Biden, you are a poop ball! As a BLACK woman ...I would like to chain you , you Racist white man!


Our politicians are putting all of us in chains. Every day more American jobs are exported overseas. Large companies like GE, AIG (remember their taxpayer sponsored bailout?) CB Richard Ellis are sending American jobs overseas, or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers. Where is the legislature to stop this Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney?


@Daina- Biden is the poster child for this administration. The Drama is what's its all about! Any attention is a good thing for this chaotic group of misfits. Only until after the election did it become obvious that the American Dream as we knew it- it was embraced with a deep resentment. The white picket fence, a 401 plan, 2 car garage and church on Sunday Morning is embraced with a hatred that no one could have predicted. They don't dislike Republicans they would prefer that the lifestyle become nonexistent. They will go to any length and Liberal leaders are constantly trying to recruit. All you need for membership is bitterness, a vindictive stance and the ambition to stay soulless.

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