Evelyn Lozada to Break Silence on Good Morning America

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Evelyn Lozada is ready to break her silence.

The Basketball Wives star has cut herself off entirely from the press since Chad Johnson head-butted her (allegedly), and has not spoken a word to the former NFL standout.

Her media blackout will end with an interview on Good Morning America.

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Chad was cut loose by the Miami Dolphins days after his arrest, and VH1 pulled the duo's reality show. She filed for divorce in the wake of his domestic violence arrest.

Both have been laying extremely low of late.

Evelyn Lozada decided to do her first post-split interview with the ABC morning show because of Robin Roberts, who she respects her so much as a journalist.

Robin is stepping aside from GMA to undergo a bone marrow transplant, however, and Evelyn's interview will now be conducted by Amy Robach.

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Sounds like Blutto Evelyn is cruising for another Chad beat down. They deserve one another.


I cannot anyone of you people would act like its ok for a man to hit a woman...IDGAF what went happened with her friends...you people disgust me.


I am shocked that Good Morning America is wasting their time by interviewing that bullying and very emotionally unstable HO Evelyn. I would expect this from that media-hungry HOG Oprah but never from Good Morning America...who I thought had way better class than that. Bottom Line: G.M.A....SHAME ON YA'LL!!!!!


Maybe he should have thrown a bottle at you instead of head butting you. Looks like your (Bullying) days are over. You are a nasty person.


Evelyn should have know that Chad would not be faithful to her. The way she treated Jennifer was very wrong and getting up and walking across a table everyone was sitting at was not cute. How does it feel to be head butted when you were throwing bottles and promising to kick everyones ass. Chad should not have head butted you cause that is an expensive piece of yo a-- he has to pay for. I know your first ex that you called off that wedding. I think you should just get some counseling and get a life. At least you will have to look at that scare for the rest of your life. Karma is a B----! Just remember be a little nicer and somebody may feel sorry for you. I Don't


Chad set himself up for failure bigtime! I surely wasnt fooled. Evelyn and Chad should find the idiot who wedded them. Come on now... Who weds a "Gold Diggin Hoe" and a "Whoremonger" Who does that? I would find tht guy and sue the pants off him!


On the Real, I seen the episode on BBW when Chad said 2 her " Evelyn I don't why you want to marry me, You know I'mma be cheating on you right" and she responded " well you better be wearing some condoms" so why get mad when he brought some??? Honestly nothing works when GOD is not your foundation, I really think they should work it out just pray and let GOD step in and fix it! They just been married a short time, you got to give things a chance! In the meantime they both need to grow up (HONESTLY)




He probably cheated cuz she looks bad without makeup and has white spots on her body. I seen this dude wit Dime pieces. Messin wit trash got u treated like trash dawg.


I really like Evelyn but on BBW she knew the deal with Chad so why would she be surprised if he did cheat. She couldn't have been that dumb to think he wouldn't cheat. Before BBW she was a nobody.Look at her family and where she came from. I lost respect for her and she was my favorite. Smh... I'm tired of these wannabe somebodys doing whatever it takes to shine, even if itsw the wrong way. This doesn't mean I'm on Chad's side. He's always been a male whore. I hope he learns his lesson and doesn't make the same mistake and mess with another hungry ghetto reality gold digger.

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