Breaking Dawn Part 2: New Photos, Awkward Poses

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This has suddenly become more awkward than exciting.

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in an embrace. No, they haven't made up. They are simply in character as Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Edward and Bella Scene

Pattinson tells the magazine that this installment of The Twilight Saga is "stranger than all the other films put together," a comment that takes on new meaning in light of Stewart's cheating scandal.

Summit Entertainment, however, has said that promotion of the blockbuster will continue as planned, while director Bill Condon simply urges fans to show the ex-couple some respect.

Visit our Breaking Dawn photo gallery for more newly-released images from the movie and vote below: Will you still go see Breaking Dawn Part 2?


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I think Rob should give her a second chance.And I really hope they will come back as the cutest couple in the world.I'm waiting for Breaking Dawn part 2.


enough already! leave kristen alone. buy some brains to see that sanders is to blame for most of it.he was the one pulling the strings, so to speak, at that time. remember?


Reply 2 comment #4....kristen owes NO ONE an apology, but only 2 ROB, LIBERTY ROSS & HER CHILDREN!!!!!! She dont need 2 apologize 2 the public, if thats the case, than every man/woman F****** around better all come out of the closet & do sum public apologizing.....LMFAO, SUM PEOPLES CHILDREN!!!!!!!


Kristen is also a human being and she also deserves a chance.sometimes people take wrong decisions and get messed up.all I have to say dat rob shud give him a second chance.


Hi what's up rob sorry about what happen I had the same problem but I really love this person and I know she created on me but I just could not let her go. So knowing if u should take Kristen back I think u she give her a chance and look like she is really sorry for hurting u . Well I hope u make the right choice and not the wrong one we Are only human and we make mistake that what being human is all about


i hope rob and kristen could revert again ..
because you both are very fit or arguably the most mismatched couple ever ..
I think it..
and I really hope both of you back again as the first.. :)


just coz they're broken up doesnt make bella and edward broken up!!! their life is separate from the movie! i still cant believe


Stupid ugly talentless whore.I never liked her, now i dont like her even more.She's just and ugly annoying person who can't act for shit and needs to be sleeping around with directors of movies just to get a fkn role.Yuk yuk yuk.Robert needs to stay away from this ugly manipulative whore.


Of course I'm going to see the final movie. It did help that they were a real couple, it helped you get emotionally involved in the movie easier. You know that Kristen cheating will hurt the bottom line, but true Twilight fans will still see the movie. If you can cheat on RP you could cheat on anyone, just look at him. If they are going to get paid the big bucks, they have to expect their personal lives to be played out in public. I don't know how these stars play kissy face in movies, then go home to their significant other as if they had a boring day at the office. So sad for Robert, shame on you Kristen. Shame on anyone that cheats! I hope promoting this movie won't be to difficult on them, awkward I'm sure!


@Krista, first of all it's "Finale". Lol. Secondly, why is everybody all stirred up over some movie characters and taking it to heart that because they live happily ever after in the movies, their personal lives need to follow suit? I think people have lost touch with reality. Fans crying on you tube, hate mail, nasty posts. Give me a break. She's not the first Hollywood starlet who cheated and she won't be the last. The more we give them this uneccesary attention, the more popular and richer they become. Me, myself, I don't plan on helping them become any richer by chimming in on this bullsh*t. I suggest everyone else do the same.

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