Breaking Dawn Director on Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart Drama: Show Respect

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By now, we all know what transpired between Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders, the actress' director on Snow White and the Huntsman.

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    Robsten please try to reconcile.A genuine fan speaking.Thank You


    OMG that media is so getting out of control. I hate them breaking into our private lives


    Whatever, people are going to freak out on me but I'm gonna say it anyway. This guy is right and Rob should forgive Kristen. They are young and sometimes you have to almost lose what you have to make you realize what you've got. If he drops her now he is always going to wonder if he should've taken her back. I'm sure he's not perfect. If someone cheats a bunch of times then yes, it's over. But people are human and anyone can make a mistake once (or with one person). When I was a young girl, I thought if anyone cheated then it meant that they didn't love their partner. Now I understand that things are way more complicated. Life isn't so simple and people make mistakes. Just my opinion.


    yes I agree the above statements.


    Sorry actors aren't perfect


    That's true and I agree completely.....actors are perfect....they are imperfect human beings just like us and placing them on such a high pedestal makes their live harder than it needs to be. I mean they are already bombarded by the media so as fans we should try to make it better. Yep Stewart was out of line, I mean Rob is so sexy but what happens from here on out is their decision not ours.

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