America's Got Talent Results: Who Made the Semifinals?

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Why do we even have the Wild Card round? No Wild Card has ever made the finals.

Think about it: the acts didn't succeed beating more successful acts the first time and it's an uphill battle to win over America a second time. The only contestants that have a real shot are the Vegas acts that got cut before the country could vote.

Rant over, let's get to the eliminations and the announced semifinalists...

AGT Elimination Episode Pic

Eliminations One - BandBaz Brothers, Ben Blaque and Sebastien "El Charro de Oro" - Among the three acts, I could see either Ben Blaque or Sebastien make it through. Sebastien expanded his repertoire outside of the boxed-in mariachi category with his song choice and if he advanced, I hope he continues to pick more accessible music.

As for Ben Blaque, he did all that he could to move on. I've seen bulls-eye alignment shots before, so I'm not sure how much further he can go. Either way, the BandBaz Brothers were the obvious elimination of this group, since they peaked with a very short trick.
Advanced: Sebastien

Eliminations Two - Horse, Andrew de Leon and Jake Wesley Rogers - Horse is perfect for YouTube and if he had made it through as a YouTube act, he may have fared better. It's not a million dollar act.

Andrew and Jake are pretty much in the same boat: awkward guy with interesting voices. We all know that Jake isn't the most accessible performer and his rendition of Lady Gaga wasn't the strongest it needed to be. Andrew stood out in comparison, but he still needs some more polish.
Advanced: Andrew de Leon

Eliminations Three - Spencer Horsman, Todd Oliver , Cristin Sandou - Cristin is obviously out because he fell; we could have had a Gymkana moment if he actually caught on fire. I personally prefer watching Spencer because of the levels of death he goes through escaping, though it's a bit disappointing knowing he had the lock pick right in his hands.

Todd Oliver's jokes are hit and miss but I love Irving, his dog. Irving could have his own show where he wanders around at a park and pees and I'd prefer it over Todd Oliver's jokes.
Advanced: Todd Oliver

Final Eliminations - All That!, Lindsey Norton, Jarrett & Raja - I like Lindsey, but a group like Unity in Motion is more visually appealing on a large stage. I hope to see her on So You Think You Can Dance one day. All That! was not as exciting as they could be, but claimed to go bigger and better. As long as it's not fire, because we see how much that's succeeded. Jarrett & Raja made the same exact magic act in Vegas and the squealing of "There he is!" was too stupid.

As if the production team couldn't have played with lighting to get the same effect. Nick claimed that there was a half percent difference between Lindsey and All That! but in all reality, it's doubtful that either could move past the likes of The Scott Brothers or The Untouchables in the dance category. At this point, it's all about the extra exposure.
Eliminated: Jarrett & Raja
Lindsey's Votes: Howie
All That!'s Votes: Howard, Sharon


I am confused with AGT this year. They had a 3 week interuption for the Olympics, which is understandable. Then when they came back they went thru and picked the 48 finalists. Last week they began the next round choosing the finalists. They showed 12 last week and 12 last nite. Now all the sudden the final show is next week? What happended to the other 2 groups? Did I miss something?? Signed, Confused!!


I watched the very first AGT and loved it. They had the auditions, went through the rounds until they got to the semi-finals, had them perform until and America voted until it got down to the finalist, then the winner was chosen. It was suspenseful and entertaining.'s the auditions(which are always funny), going through the rounds, the judges giving long speeches about how good/bad the contestants are, bringing back people the judges want to give another chance, bringing in the YouTube talent and voting on who will get through to the semi-finals, going to some of the semi-finalist hometown and doing a background story. By the time they get to the finalist I have forgotten who they are. It's too much, too much. They need to keep that show simple like they did went it first came on and stop dragging it out.


I love this show!!! So glad Andrew made it!!


Great night for the auditions and Sebastian and Andrew De Leon didn’t get eliminated. They both did an amazing job on Americas Got Talent which’s one of my favorite shows on primetime. I’ve been enjoying my primetime shows commercial free using my Auto Hop feature to skip commercials. It’s like when you use the fast forward button on the remote but without hitting buttons. I know when I’m watching TV it feels like the commercials are longer than the show. This is where Auto Hop’s a huge benefit for me, and lets me get past all the annoying commercials. I was excited when a couple of my coworkers at Dish showed me how it works. I'm definitely happy now that I won’t be fast forwarding past my commercials only to skip back to the start of my next scene as well as save battery life.