Zombie Apocalypse: Ultra-Safe Miami Fortress For Sale!

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With the zombie apocalypse reportedly upon us (we're just not buying all this bath salts baloney), it's time to consider your options ... on the real estate front.

Tip #1: The undead do not like water, allegedly.

If you want to ensure any Rudy Eugene-like characters with a thirst for human flesh don't get anywhere near you and your family, this house is for you:

Zombie fortress

For a modest $10.5 million, you can't put a price on safety.

The symmetrical, moat-surrounded palace lacks a working drawbridge, but blocking the only path that leads into the compound would be easy enough.

Or destroying it. Do what you gotta do.

BONUS: Birdman filmed a music video here, so there’s likely to be some firearms on the premises. That's just the way Lil Wayne's crew rolls after all.

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Wow, that is so neat.


Zombies can't swim, but according to Day of the Dead, they can walk on the ground under the water! So this house is essentially worthless in protecting when the apocalypse goes down!