Tomas Lopez, Lifeguard Fired For Saving Man Outside His Coverage Zone, Offered Old Job Back

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Fired Florida lifeguard Tomas Lopez, who was let go earlier this week for saving a swimmer outside his jurisdiction, has been offered his old job back.

His response: Thanks but no thanks.

"It's another chapter in my life closed and I am just going to continue to get my schooling finished and get on with my career," Lopez told CNN.

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The much-publicized incident took place at Hallandale Beach, north of Miami, on Monday, when Lopez instinctively went after a drowning man.

Lopez said the man had turned blue and "was having a lot of trouble breathing." He was outside Lopez's coverage zone, though, so he got fired.

The pink slip was handed down by Jeff Ellis Management Co., which says lifeguards are not insured outside the beach for which they are responsible.

Ellis told CNN on Thursday: "Clearly, he should not have been terminated for what had occurred. I know that he has tried to do the right thing."

"I have no doubts I did the right thing," Lopez, who said he knew the rules but acted anyway, told CNN in the aftermath of his pink slip.

"I believe I did what was right, and that if someone needs help you're going to go help them, regardless if you're a lifeguard or not."

Three other lifeguards quit in protest and two others were dismissed after saying they would have followed Tomas Lopez's example.

As for the drowning victim, a nurse on the beach assisted him until EMTs arrived. He is said to be in good condition as of Friday, CNN reports.


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What a handsome young man!


I used to be an Ellis guard. I knew someday their "policies" would result in a guard doing the right thing and some moronic, policy-reading robot would fire him for it. Glad they're getting the bad publicity they've deserved for YEARS.


That Tomas Lopez dude is a H-E-R-O!!!!! To me, that Jeff Ellis Management Co. sounds like the company itself is being run and operated by stuffy and self-righteous JACKASSES!!!!! Furthermore, lifeguards do not get enough respect...long-ass hours, very shitty pay, putting up with other and stupid bullshit, etc.. And, Tomas...dude, Good Luck with your schooling!!!!!! Peace.


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Hey stupid-ass racists, get off this site and take your hate elsewhere. This is a story about a young man who showed heroism and a deep sense of morality (unlike you twits). I think most of us applaud the lifeguard's actions, in and out of the water. Bravo to him!


I hate how people can get fired for something like this...(he needs to cut his hair, looks terrible)


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