Tom Cruise SLAMS National Enquirer "House of Horrors" Story, Demands Retraction OR ELSE

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Tom Cruise's attorney, Bert Fields, demands that the National Enquirer and its parent company, American Media, retract its new cover story about the actor's just-settled divorce from Katie Holmes or face a defamation complaint of epic proportions.

Among other tawdry allegations, the magazine claims Cruise's home was akin to a "house of horrors" and that his estranged wife, Holmes, lived a "tortured life" in a marriage that was a "living nightmare" in virtual lockdown for years.

Taking the Questions

Fields absolutely went OFF on what he said was a "disgraceful and lurid cover with bogus, red and yellow headlines announcing one cruel lie after another about Mr. Cruise and his family" and went on to take them apart one by one:

"Contrary to your headlines, Mr. Cruise has not engaged in any 'abuse' or 'humiliation' of Katie Holmes," he wrote. "Nor has he ever subjected her to any punishments."

"It is also completely untrue that Mr. Cruise ever subjected his wife to relentless verbal abuse, emotional punishment, humiliation and intimidation."

"These are all egregious lies. He did none of these things."

Regarding the "house of horrors" charge, Fields called Cruise's residence in Telluride, Colo., a "pleasant and loving home" for Tom, Katie and Suri Cruise.

"Suri was not forced to stay for five months in a tiny windowless room," he added, addressing another bogus allegation made by the tabloid.

He also rejected a claim that a "so-called 'expert'" told the Enquirer that Cruise "displays many of the symptoms of a man who beats up his wife."

Fields demanded an immediate retraction for "each and every one of the false assertions," which could cause Cruise "hundreds of millions" in damages.

Yesterday, a report leaked that Holmes secretly plotted her escape from Cruise with the use of burner phones; this article is entirely separate.

UPDATE: The story, a copy of which was leaked to The Hollywood Reporter but has yet to be published in print, was never meant for publication or dissemination and won't be released, according to the celebrity gossip tabloid.

Short story: Do not eff with Tom Cruise.


((Continued)“THE SILENT TREATMENT�....TOM CRUISE is a clever, cunning, stealth covert Narcissist and Katie Holmes did well to execute getting away from him the way she did, but forever she is tied to this man through their daughter and she is always going to have to be one step ahead to protect Suri from Toms brainwashing that he WILL DO to his daughter and try to alienate her from her Mother. I suggest anyone who dosn’t understand or know what Narcissistic Personality Disorder is...gooogle it...and also google VICTIM SYNDROME of pathalogical Narcissistic Abuse.....and there you will have all the answers of the true colours of Toms Jeckle and Hyde personality abusive controlling traits.


Did they really get 50 million from a tabloid? I think he was trying to sue some hustler a few years back for saying that they wrestled in the nude or something like that. I think the lawsuits just bring more attention to the story and give it a life.




Hey has anyone ever noticed that Suri looks a lot like Tommy Davis, the spokesman for the CoS? Was looking at a photo of her the other day and she looked exactly like him. Not sure whether the comparison has been made before (maybe I've been living under a mushroom!), but just sayin'.


These stupid rumors have been around forever. Tom needs to simmer down.


the only thing that keeps me from believing that it's all lies is why did she leave secretly, lawyer up to the hilt, called him when he was soooo far away to deliver the divorce news, have a place to go already ready, use cell phones that were disposable & in the blink of an eye, their court issues were over(when we all thought it would be a long drawn out fight, if all that doesnt smell fishy I dont know what would -- sounds like, spousal abuse to me(FEAR)drove her, it seems...and the tabloids arent always 100% lies, they know whats at stake when they do that crap..exaggerations maybe in some places but not total lies..just an opinion is all...


Poor Tom got used again like Nicole did. They both knew his beliefs before they married him!
Now hes left picking up pieces again.
It's not fair


Katie got 50 million few years ago from a tabloid mag.Fuck it sue.Do what you got to do.


I kinda think celebrities should be somewhat happy with the tabliod pieces. Doesn't everyone think the tabloids are just that - tabloids??? If they write over the top things that may or may not be true who is actually going to believe it? It is almost like a celebrity can do something and have 'them' write about it in order to discount it as pure BS. Maybe the price one has to pay for a super rich lifestyle and earning well over $100 million net worth from an acting job is having your face on supermarket shelves now and then.


I'm always confused by all the lies and outright bullsh*t surrounding Tom Cruise. Perhaps it's because he is so successful in his career and people are jealous. As a crew member, I have seen a ton of weird and sometimes ugly behavior from actors and actresses but Tom Cruise has always been a gentlemen with a strong work ethic. He's polite and respectful. The first time I met him on "A Few Good Men" he stopped what he was doing, to walk over and introduce himself to us because we were crew members he had not met before. He has always appeared to me to be a man of high principles. Crews see it all, believe me! And we all talk among ourselves but Tom Cruise has never been on our WTF list.

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