Tom Cruise Divorce: Katie Holmes Stalked By Scientology Minions?

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The impending Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce apparently has the actress feeling uneasy and convinced the Church of Scientology now views her as a threat.

As such, Holmes believes the church put a team on her tail.

Katie reportedly believes that in recent weeks, as discord between herself and Tom grew and they began living apart - even while both were in New York City in mid-June - Scientology higher-ups have been following her every move.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise

It's unclear if this is in fact the case, but Scientology has been linked to such activity for years, and sources say "mysterious" men have photographed Katie when she's out, with vehicles spotted near her apartment around the clock.

A white Cadillac Escalade and black Mercedes SUV have been outside her place for the past week. Again, it's unclear who, if anyone, is tailing Katie Holmes.

The actress filed for sole custody of Suri in New York last week, a move Tom allegedly had no idea was coming. His ties to Scientology are said to be a big reason.

It's unclear what "threat" Katie would pose. She's given no indication of trying to expose anything or portray it negatively; she likely just wants to shield her daughter from the controversial religion and be done with it.

New York courts are more inclined than those in California to award sole legal custody to one parent or the other when there is conflict.

She has been setting up residence there in recent weeks, preparing for the move.

If she is being stalked by Scientologists, that would certainly bolster her case in court. Katie, 33, wed Tom, 49, in 2006, a few months after Suri was born.

For more on the religion and specifically what it means to the famous actor, check out this Tom Cruise Scientology video that was leaked in 2008.



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Those men ARE scientologists. The same team of self -titled "Squirrel Busters" who stalk and harass Scientology defectors like Marty Rathbun. Go to You Tube and type in "Marty Rathbun and the squirrel busters" for a very creepy, disturbing video. Then check out a picture of the mysterious men exiting the white Escalade. Look familiar? Stalking and intimidation from the church is well documented and unfortunately par for the course in this secretive, powerful, and frankly scary 'religion'.


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Katie Holmes filed for Divorce Document Details and Split Reason Revealed Here


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