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This video of Tom Cruise talking about Scientology leaked a few years ago. It's all very real, and some might argue a little bit strange, but it's his religion.

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What a fucking moron.


Jesus created the 1st Church (Matthew 16:18) and ever since people have been trying to fix it. The created can't ever be smarter than the creator. Some of the moral Scientology concepts (helping others) have been extrapolated from the Christian faith. Except they're missing one crucial piece of the puzzle and that's Jesus Christ. They have words, procedures and concepts without the true power of God behind it. Plus, they have added a lot of things that God would never require people to do or even want to be done to people. As a Christian, Jesus (through me and other Christians) have healed the sick, cast out demons and raised people from the dead. That's the true power of God. It's been evident that Tom has been on a long search for God and has a true desire to please God. However, Satan has seen his desire to please God and manipulated it like he did with Adam and Eve (telling them they could be like God and thus have a better life). It may start out great; but always ends up horrible. Satan has deceived Tom with false prophets and other deceivers. He is continuously leading Tom down false paths trying to convince him that it's the truth. He shows Tom a lot of good and diminishes the bad as if it's ok. 99% of a cake can be good; but that 1% of poison, makes the whole cake poisonous. Jesus said many will come in My name but they are not of Me (Mark 13:6). Tom needs to get the Holy Bible and every day read, pray, read, pray, and keep on reading and keep on praying. God is a Living Being and will speak to him through God's Holy Word. Only Jesus can untangle and remove the web of lies and false doctrine that has been deeply planted in Tom's mind. Joyce Meyer's book "Battlefield of the Mind" and some excellent Christian books on spiritual warfare would also be good. But the Holy Bible needs to be his main focus.


So many platitudes, so little time.


dis nigga's crazy yo! seriously, wadafuk???


He said if you're a Scientologist, you see things the way they are? Well, duh, that's what they all say!




What a delusional, arrogant jackass.

@ Pete225

Brainwashed.... poor soul is really delusional.


I agree with Timmy! He made NO friggin sense!


I believe this was edited. He has his religion & you have yours. Stop judging over this mess.


he's insane! that made zero sense.

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