The Hunger Games DVD Teaser: Behind the Scenes

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With all the casting chatter surrounding Catching Fire - Jena Malone! Philip Seymour Hoffman! - let's not forget about the movie that started it all.

The Hunger Games comes out on DVD August 18, and the following teaser for the release takes fans behind the scenes with the film's stars and teases the three hours of bonus footage you'll receive if you purchase the box set.

Watch now:

Special features include:

  • An interview with author Suzanne Collin.
  • A Conversation with director Gary Ross.
  • A faux propaganda from the Capitol.
  • Looks at Jennifer Lawrence and company training for the Games.

OMG grab this one quick !!!!!!!!!This is cheaper than the first book alone . and this 3 book tlrgoiy is normally around $18. I have not read these yet, but have heard they are wonderful and great books for YA or adult.


can't wait to buy this! suzanne collins loves the movie, so i don't have any reason to hate this. I really love this movie :)


@Nope. Most movies that come out after the books are always "watered down", why did you think Hunger Games was going to be different? There is no way the people working on the film could have incorporated every detail from the book into the movie. I for one will be supporting Catching Fire and Mocking Jay.


nope: get the fuck over it. xoxo


I will not be buying this. They royally fucked the movie up. They had an awesome book and went and watered it down and made it into a sappy love story. Which it wasn't to start with. It was a book about survival in a dystopian society where you had to fight for your very life. And one girls fight to find herself in the most unlikely of circumstances. Yes, true there was a love story in it. However, it wasn't the main focus of the book. The book had deep characters in it, the movie had superfical characters. Poor casting choices. Poor translation. Poor visuals. Poor everything. I wish I never spent the twenty dollars for me and my fiance to go see it. I would very much like my money back. I still remain a fan of the books. Will not support the next two (or three) movies at all.

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