Teen Choice Awards Fashion Face-Off: Selena Gomez vs. Taylor Swift

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They may be friends away from the red carpet, but it's every celebrity for him or herself when it comes to a Fashion Face-Off.

That's right, readers, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift both made appearances (and took home surf boards) at last night's Teen Choice Awards, but only one can come out on top of this matchup.

Will it be Gomez and her pink dress? Or Swift and her white outfit? Compare. Contrast. And cast your vote between the beautiful young stars now:

Fashion Face-Off!

Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift? Vote now between the Teen Choice Award fashion selections made by this star singers! View Poll »

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Surely selena gomez you are the best and most beautiful Please, give me the name of Emil Facebook


First I love both of these two singers so this is not easy
Taylor swift always manages to pick an outfit that is good
on her though I think this one us by far the best she's worn yet. Selena Gomez's outfit kinda suits her because she looks like the fun outgoing kid that her personality gives me but at the same time she looks a little more mature. Argue if you want but I don't think either of these two can be compared against the other because the people wearing them both look amazing in the outfits that fit them.

@ Dragon

i like them both evenly


taylor looks absoulutly amazing while selena looks ugly i mean look at her face


Selena obviously! Taylor looks ok, but selena looks the best!


Selena looks fat and short and ugly,,, and Taylor looks beautiful,very beautiful,,


Selena is growing up changing themes changing closet.


Selena is...growing up...changing themes...changing as time passes by...exactly how she is. And that's exactly how her albums are hit. Because she shows signs of growing up in her music and lyrics. Taylor is also growing up but her themes are the same, LOVE OR BREAK-UP
And when it comes to face to face it is Selena!


i pick taylor because selena looks like she's about to play tennis and to plain pink for me


ILove Taylor's outfit here! She manages to not ONLY look, but IS a more mature and grownup Taylor Swift we all love and adore! Last year however, I can't help but notice she ALSO had a white dress... At the 2011 Teen Choice awards, Taylor looked like the same sweet, innocent, young and pretty girl we love since 2006! BUT for 2012, Taylor now demonstrates these SAME qualities but ALSO manages to look more mature, more grownup, more stylish, and beautiful as ever! And I absolutely LOVE the new and improve Taylor more as ever before! Goodluck Taylor for years to come of MORE great entertainment, love and respect for fans, talented singer and artist, and ALSO the SAME but DIFFERENT beautiful Taylor Swift we all love and admire!


Totally Selena! Love u Selena I'm ur #1 fan!